Vaginal Discharge color guide: Causes and when to see a doctor.

Vaginal Discharge color guide: Causes and when to see a doctor.

The female reproductive system comprises many internal and external organs. It is immature at the time of birth but develops with puberty. During the adolescence period, a girl’s body undergoes many hormonal changes. Vaginal discharge is one such procedure, which begins around the time of the first menstrual cycle.

How it Occurs?

Vaginal discharge is a pasty fluid or mucus that comes out of the vagina due to hormone changes. This process aids in cleaning the internal parts from dead cells and thus prevents infection. It may vary in color, thickness, and quantity during and after the menstruation cycle. This variation in the shade and odor of discharge shows the condition of our pelvic health. The main reasons for this variation are strenuous physical exercise, pregnancy, irregular periods, antibiotics, birth control pills, and pelvic infections.

For instance, during ovulation and breastfeeding, there is more discharge, whereas it may smell different when one is pregnant. White, thin discharge is widespread among females and is not a cause of worry. The other discharge colors may be red, brown, yellow, green, or pink. 

What does the color of vaginal discharge show?

If you suffer from vaginal discharge and observe colors as mentioned below, see what it indicates:

  • White and clear: Normal and healthy lubrication 
  • White and thick: Curd like Yeast infection 
  • Yellow – green: Frothy Sexually transmitted infection 
  • Pink and Red: During menstruation, if not, it can be a cervical infection, cancer or other pelvic abnormalities
  • Gray: Yellowish pus like Bacterial infection 

When to meet the doctor after vaginal discharge?

You must meet a gynecologist immediately after you observe these symptoms:

Gray mucus with a fishy smell and itching.

Presence of blood in the discharge between menstrual cycles.

Yeast infection can be indicated by a thick white discharge.

Frothy greenish discharge with pain or itching.

Final Thoughts 

An open discussion with the physician regarding the symptoms is necessary for good pelvic health. Dr Smiti Jain is a trained and experienced medical professional who has proven reliable support in difficult times. She has effective solutions and treatments for all such infections, which help to keep vaginal infections away. You can connect with her at