Labiaplasty treatment in greater noida

With innovations and needs, surgeries and correction of almost all the body parts are possible. A similar cosmetic surgery to get the inner labia tucked in is called vaginal rejuvenation or labiaplasty. It is more often done to the folds which are closer to the vaginal opening.


More women these days are looking for labiaplasty completely for cosmetic purposes and to enhance their confidence. The surgical procedure has got nothing to do with medical reasons. Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic is a perfect healthcare center for your cosmetic surgical needs. Our gynecologist is experienced. She knows the latest technologies which help her satisfy patients faster. Before you choose to get the labiaplasty, it is better you know about the procedure in detail.

Doctor, I am 39 years and have delivered 3 kids so far. I feel that I want a tighter vagina. I have read and heard about Labiaplasty. Is it safe?

Yes, labiaplasty is safe. The purpose of the surgery is cosmetic hence you must know and understand it.

Doctor, can you please tell me about the potential risks of labiaplasty?

Yes, I will tell you the potential risks of labiaplasty. The risks may include:


1. Bleeding/Infection ( Immediate risk)
2. Chronic Dryness.
3. Numbness.
4. Decreased Vulvar SensitivityPainful vaginal sex may happen due to scarring.
5. Painful vaginal sex may happen due to scarring.
6. Nerve Damage.

Will labiaplasty affect the feeling of sensation during physical intercourse?

No labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation has got nothing to do with sensation. It does not affect orgasm.

What are the types of labiaplasty?

After looking at the exact appearance of the vagina, our gynecologist Dr. Smiti will decide the procedure. In general, our doctor will fix the issues with resection done either through edge or wedge.

Edge Resection takes into trimming of excess labia. Wedge Resection, as the name suggests, is about taking out extra skin from the center.

Doctor, can you please recommend some steps to be taken care of after the surgery?

If you have undertaken a labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation surgery, you must take care of these things:


1. Avoid exercising.
2. Avoid lifting weight for some time.
3. Do not indulge in physical intercourse.
4. Do not wear tight clothes.

Can you please tell me after labiaplasty, when will I feel completely fine?

After the vaginal rejuvenation surgery or labiaplasty, you may feel completely fine within a few days. You can get back to work in just 4-6 days. But thinking about intercourse, then you will have to wait for at least 1 month. It is advisable that you consult your gynecologist before discussing the issues and correctness.

Just after labiaplasty, what symptoms might occur?

Some females have complained about swelling and itching down in their vagina. But there is nothing to worry unless either symptom persists for more than 6-7 days. Swelling can occur for three days and itching can continue for a week. If you feel uncomfortable, you must immediately visit our clinic.

DWhat are the tests you would recommend before opting for labiaplasty?

Before carrying the surgical procedure, our gynecologist will ask you to get these tests:


1. Anti-HCV
2. Anti-HIV
3. HBsAg test

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