Treatment / Specialities


Expecting a child? Want to plan everything the best way! First of all you need to book an Obstetrician and choose a hospital. An Obstetrician can help you sail through pregnancy smoothly even if you have certain high risk conditions. She will be available at the time of birth and manages all the procedures..

General Gynecology

Are you suffering from heavy bleeding, painful menstruation, pelvic pain or uterine fibroids? These kinds of problems affect millions of women each year and should not be ignored as they can severely impact the quality of life. You have to consult an experienced and qualified gynecologist for an accurate diagnosis and most appropriate treatment for your health complications.


Are you experiencing any pain in your lower tummy, feeling a lump in there or having a problem while conceiving a baby? Then, you should go consult a gynecologist and go for laparoscopy.


Are you trying to conceive for more than an year continuously and still not got pregnant, or having problems during sex? You should seek medical advice without any delay. At our clinic, a high percentage of couples are likely to succeed in their attempts to achieve pregnancy within one year of trying.The chances of conception are high during their earlier months of physical companionship. A small percentage of couples conceive in the second year of trying.


You have always been healthy but from the past few days a body pain starts bothering you. You were not hurt but the pain persists? Or you are pregnant and need confirmation on your baby’s health. If yes, then you must immediately see a doctor. To confirm the cause of pain from your symptoms, the doctor will recommend you for sonography.


Long term illnesses are dreaded. One of the most feared and widespread disease is Cancer. For some, it may run in the genetics while for others it happens due to toxic exposure, lifestyle or behavioral exposures. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of cells which takes a lot from the patient. It is a disease that is unbiased of age and gender.


Are you leaking urine or feel something coming out? If yes, then you must not ignore the issue. With age or after pregnancy, some females suffer from the urinary leakage. At times women may feel that their pelvic organs have dropped causing a bulge or pressure. For conditions like these, you must see a urogynecologist. The specialist will dedicatedly look into your state of health-related to pelvic floor disorders, urinary incontinence, and prolapse.


Being a parent is the biggest pleasure in this life! But bringing a life to this world should be a free choice for both male and female. It is about planning when do you want to have a child. And for some, it is about choosing the size of the family.


Childbirth, aging and other illnesses cause biological changes in the pelvic floor organs of the females. This leads to changes in the genital aesthetic appearance and sexual function. The rise in the willingness of women to feel and look good has increased the demand of cosmetic gynecologist.