Treatment for Leucorrhoea and Vaginal Discharge in Greater Noida West

Are you irritated with the abnormal vaginal discharge other than the bleeding during the monthly menstruation cycle? Does that extra wetness and discharge cause embarrassment for you?

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge (leucorrhoea)

Females have a lot to face because of their monthly cycles. Adding to the pain can be abnormal vaginal discharge. If you are facing trouble, do not wait to think much. Visit Dr. Smiti Women�s Clinic to meet our specialist and gynecologist Dr. Smiti. She has earned experience over the years and has handled thousands of cases.

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What is leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhea is exessive white discharge, it may indicate infection in your pelvic region. Leucorrhoea may happen when adolescent girls start with their periods or in pregnant females.

What are the possible reasons for abnormal vaginal discharge?

Our doctor states that the possible cause of abnormal vaginal discharge includes:

1. Bacterial or Fungal infection.
2. Poor hygiene factor.
3. Injury to the tissues of the cervix.
4. Unprotected sex.
5. Diabetes.
6. Lack of nutrients.

Doctor, can you tell me what are the symptoms of leucorrhea?

Yes, please note that the possible symptoms of leucorrhea include:

1. Excessive White Discharge
2. Pain in the stomach or back
3. Fatigue.

How do you treat abnormal vaginal discharge in women?

At our clinic, we will examine what is the cause of discharge. Whether yeast or bacterial infection, in most cases, we recommend a treatment with medications.

Other than the medicines what more should I note to keep the abnormal vaginal discharge away?

Other than the medicines, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. The vagina is by default a moist organ. To save yourself from the disease you must follow this:

1. Try to wipe it every time after you pass urine. Use dry towels or paper towels.
2. Use fresh and dried undergarments to avoid the possibility of infection.
3. During the menstruation cycle, you must change the napkin very often.
4. Avoid using perfumed products and taking bubble bath frequently.

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