Amenorrhea treatment in greater noida

Are menstruation cycles completely absent in you? Do you not have a single day of the period in any month or throughout the year? If yes, then you are suffering from Amenorrhea. You can take it as missed periods more than three and that too in a row. The cause of amenorrhea can be multiple and may cause problem in becoming pregnant.


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Doctor, can you please explain to me what are the symptoms that confirm that I am suffering from amenorrhea?

Yes, I would be happy to explain to you the causes and help you to fight it. The common associated symptoms with amenorrhea are:

What are other possible causes for heavy bleeding during menstruation cycle?

The expert gynecologist at our clinic, Dr. Smiti states the possible causes of heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle may include:

1. Hair loss
2. Headache
3. Pelvic Pain
4. Nipple discharge generally milky white.
5. Changes in vision
6. External weight loss/Stress

When should a female see a doctor get the amenorrhea treated?

These females should immediately see a doctor:

1. If they have more than three missed periods one after the other.
2. Absent Periods for than 6 months.
3. You are more than 18 yrs and never got your periods..

What are the causes of natural amenorrhea occur in women?

Amenorrhea can occur in women due to these reasons:

1. Menopause
2. Pregnancy
3. Breast-feeding

Can some medications cause amenorrhea in women?

Yes, a few medicines can cause amenorrhea in women. These include medicines which you might consume for:

1. Birth control pills
2. Anti-Depressant
3. Allergy
4. Cancer

Can abnormal development of reproductive organs cause amenorrhea?

Yes, sometimes there may be birth defects in the girls. These girls may be born without uterus, vagina, or cervix. No reproductive organs indicate that a girl will not have periods at all. This is referred to as structural problems.

What kinds of structural problems cause amenorrhea in females?

Some structural problems that can cause amenorrhea in females to include:

1. Uterine Scarring: Some tissues get developed in the inner lining of the uterus. These prevent the normal shedding of the lining which causes menstrual blood to flow
2. Abnormality in Vagina: There is an obstruction in the vagina may be a membrane that stops the blood flow from the vagina.

How do you treat amenorrhea?

After examination and identifying the exact cause of amenorrhea, we can recommend you the treatment like:

1. Hormone therapies.
2. Medicines if amenorrhea is caused by Thyroid.
3. Exercise.
4. Improve diet and nutrition value in your food.
5. For structural causes surgery may be requested.

Do a blood test help to confirm the amenorrhea?

Yes, we conduct blood tests to confirm amenorrhea. These may include ovary function tests, thyroid tests, prolactin test, and a pregnancy test.

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