Breast Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment in Greater Noida West

Many women may suffer from breast diseases that can happen due to hormonal changes as you age. It may cause the development of lumps or discharge of fluids from the breasts. Symptoms like these indicate the presence of breast diseases. If you feel any pain or observe abnormal discharge, then you must consult a gynecologist.

Breast Diseases

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How would I know that I am suffering from a breast disease?

To know that you are suffering from a breast disease will be indicated by the presence of:

The expert gynecologist at our clinic, Dr. Smiti states the possible causes of heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle may include:

1. Abnormal watery discharge from the nipples.
2. Pain in the breast.
3. Swelling, lumping, and thickening of the breasts.
4. Development of warts near the nipples.
5. Milk production despite no breastfeeding.

What are the different types of breast diseases?

These are the different types of breast diseases:

1. Painful breasts.
2. Mastitis
3. Cysts
4. Cancer.
5. Lumps.

Which test do you conduct to test different problems in breasts?

We generally conduct Ultrasound Mammography to screen the patient for cancer and other breast problems.

How does mammography help?

With the help of mammography, our gynecologist will be able to diagnose the patient:

1. For cancer even when there are no symptoms or signs of the diseases.
2. For lumps.

Is the breast problem test like mammography painful?

No, the breast test like mammography is not painful at all but it can cause mild discomfort. For the mammography test, your breast will be placed between the two plastic plates which then compresses the breast to the point where it can cover maximum tissues.

The discomfort may be caused due to the pressure the plates will cast on the breast.

What are other tests that can help to examine the cause and the type of breast disease?

Other than mammography, we conduct these tests to check the cause and type of breast disease in females

1. Needle Biopsy.
2. Ultrasound
3. Breast MRI.

Other than the medicines and surgeries, how can I add to improve my breast problems?

Other than surgeries and medicines, you must do these to get rid of pain or breast problems:

1. Manage your stress.
2. Talk to your partner or friend to get rid of emotions
3. Exercise regularly.

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