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You breathe every second, you drink water every hour, you sleep every night, and girls get periods every month. It is normal but there are a few issues that can hamper the mental or the physical growth in the females. Excessive bleeding can lead to anemia and can impact the lifestyle. No matter how normal you think it maybe if you feel that you need attention on a period problem, you must come and visit us.

Period Problems

Meet, Dr.Smiti, she is an expert gynecologist who can help you fight issues like painful periods, smelly periods, lack of periods, and others. Our clinic is equipped with the latest machines that make our test procedures smooth and fast. Book your appointment now to get rid of your period problems. Periods are a part of females� life and are not a disease.

Doctor what are the common period problems can you please tell me as I want to educate my daughter about it?

It is very wise of you to think about educating your daughter. You must note a few disorders like:

1. Heavy Bleeding
2. Irregular Bleeding.
3. Pain During Periods.
4. Menstrual Hygiene.

Is it normal to have periods every month?

Yes, it is absolutely normal to have periods every month. The absence of periods or irregular periods can indicate some illness in you.

What are the causes of irregular periods, please explain?

The normal duration of the monthly cycle is 5 to 7 days and that may happen at a gap of 28 to 30 days next month. But due to some of these factors, few females can experience irregular periods:

1. Thyroid Problems.
2. Eating disorders.
3. Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome.
4. Stress.
5. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.
6. Obesity.
7. Uncontrollable Diabetes.

What do you mean by abnormal bleeding in periods in females?

Abnormal bleeding in females refers to :

1. Bleeding after physical intercourse.
2. Bleeding even after menopause.
3. Bleed Between the periods also.
4. If you yourself notice any alteration in your cycle pattern.

Why do females suffer from heavy bleeding during periods?

Some females suffer from heavy bleeding during the period because of these reasons:

1. Fibroid Uterus
2. Hormonal Changes.
3. Ovarian cyst.
4. Enlarged Uterus/ Adenomyosis
5. Cancerous changes esp if near manopause.

Why do I have smelly periods?

The foul smell during your periods can indicate the loss of blood through the vagina along with the bacteria.

How can I prevent or get rid of the smelly periods?

If you do not want those smelly periods, you must follow these:

1. Maintain hygiene
2. Wear cotton underwear.
3. Change your napkins quite often.
4. Use pH balanced products to clean the vagina.
5. Consult doctor if problem persisits.

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