Pre conception checkup in greater noida

Family Planning is about preparing your body &mind to welcome a new life. Birth of a child involves taking care of both the mother and the baby. A couple should know everything from conception to raising a child. Both the male and female must understand that it will be a matter of umpteen happiness. But the journey may include a little amount of stress because of the mother’s health issues.

Pre Conception Pre Marital Counselling

If you are ready to become a parent, then why not make a foolproof plan? Meet our gynecologist Dr. Smiti who can guide you on preconception. As a female bear the child in the womb, she must take different tests before conception. It is to make sure that the baby will be healthy and safe throughout pregnancy. When you are mentally prepared to have a child, then you must plan a visit to Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic. Find out maximum information about the conception and precautions leaving no room for doubts. We have trained and educated staff that can assist you to understand preconception better. We work on the latest technology that enables us to make the procedure accurate and faster.

Doctor, we are planning for a baby. Does that require me to take up tests to make sure that my baby and I will be fit?

Yes, some tests must be done before conception. Bearing a child is a huge responsibility. To negate the possibility of any illness or disease, we ask the female to take these tests before conception:

1. Diabetes Screening.
2. Thyroid test.
3. Test for HIV.
4. Complete Blood Count.
5. Test for Hepatitis.
6. Test for Rubella.

Why do we need preconception counseling?

According to us, preconception counseling helps to educate and inform the couple about pregnancy and to identify any preexisting health risks. The scope of information shared with the couples includes the benefits and the probable risks that can be included.

Preconception counseling intends to help couples maintain health status. It should incorporate individual or environmental factors that can affect the child’s health both mental & physical

Doctor, I am 2 months pregnant and am married for 2 years now. I have not taken any preconception counseling. But now I regret that I should have referred a doctor. In which cases preconception counseling is important?

It is okay that you did not seek any preconception counseling. There is no need to regret it because negative feelings can impact the baby in your womb. However, preconception counseling is important in the following cases:

1. When you have had a premature baby earlier.
2. When you delivered a baby with birth defects.
3. When you gave birth to a still child.
4. When a certain health condition is pre-existent in your family.
5. If Your previous pregnancy was complicated
6. If this is the first time you are planning to carry a child to assess baseline health status

For family planning, what are the basic precautions you recommend before conceiving the child?

It is good to know that you are moving ahead with family planning. But here are the precautions we strongly recommend before conceiving a child:

1. Stop drinking alcohol.
2. Quit Smoking.
3. Eat healthy and maintain your weight.
4. Include exercise or yoga in your daily schedule.
5. Read good books on parenting and motherhood to keep yourself prepared.
6. Take extra precautions if you have a family history of special diseases.

Is premarital and pre-conception counseling the same?

No, they are not the same. Preconception counseling is a part of pre-marital counseling. The idea is to educate the couple about their life, handling health, and then proceeding towards conception to delivery of the child (identifying any risks in family)

The couple must understand each other and that a child should be a decision made by both and not one.

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