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As science has advanced in life, we have received treatment and solutions for almost everything. Yes, you can now regain virginity through a cosmetic procedure. It does not matter how you lose virginity. Do you feel that physical intercourse, heavy exercises, or vaginal birth have left you with a loose vagina? Do you want to feel young and confident again by regaining the virginity? If yes, then you must meet a specialist who can recommend the best alternative to regain virginity.

Regain Virginity

Come and meet Dr. Smiti at our clinic to find how we can fix the appearance and help you attain virginity again. She is an experienced gynecologist who makes everything possible with cosmetic gynecological treatments like plastic surgery. Book your appointment with us at Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic and find out more.

Doctor, can you please tell me how do you recognize or find out about the lost virginity?

See, in general, people connect the breaking of hymen with losing virginity. They assume or understand that the first time intercourse breaks the virginity. But there can be other reasons when your hymen breaks. These may include rigorous exercises and sports activities.

How do you help in regaining virginity?

Restoring virginity is completely a cosmetic surgery needed by females and it has got no medical purpose. The surgical procedure is called Hymenoplasty or virginity surgery. The hymen, a thin membrane that covers the vagina, is reconstructed.

What happens in the surgical process that will help us to regain virginity?

The total procedure will take around 30 minutes for completion.

Is the surgery to help regain virginity in a patient a safe procedure?

Yes, the cosmetic surgery carried to help the patient regain virginity is completely safe.

Have you observed any risks after the surgery is accomplished?

Not always, but in rare cases, we have observed risks of infection and bleeding. Also there may be risks associated with anesthesia.

Can anyone make out that a surgical procedure was opted to regain virginity?

No, the cosmetic surgery to stitch the hymen leaves no trace. No one can identify visibly that you have had a surgery to regain virginity.

What is the recovery time after the cosmetic surgery conducted to help regain virginity?

The recovery time is very less and maybe less than a week.

Doctor, last week I had a surgery to regain virginity. Can you please tell me how long I should wait to indulge in sexual intercourse?

It takes 4-6 weeks after the surgery to indulge in physical intercourse. So, you can calculate it from the date of your surgery. Or meet us at our clinic to examine and tell whether it will be safe for you or not and when.

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