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Sexual issues related to the dissatisfaction in the sexual life of an individual. It can be the problem during the phase of excitement, plateau, orgasm, and that of resolution. If you feel that you have some sexual issues, then you need to consult an experienced gynecologist. You can come and meet us at Dr. Smiti Women�s Clinic.

Sexual Issues

Our clinic is known to help patients fight various gynecological issues that can relate to different body parts in females. The staff at our health care facility is well trained to assist both the doctor as well as the patients. We do have a lab facility that allows us to conduct tests and treatment under one roof only. It is to speed up the procedure and bring comfort in your life. Book your appointment now to resolve your sexual issues.

Doctor, can you please tell me what can be the sexual issues in females?

Sure, you can note that these sexual issues can affect a female�s life:

1. Inability to feel aroused.
2. Lack of interest in sexual intercourse.
3. Lack of orgasm.
4. Pain during intercourse

Are sexual problems in women only due to the physical condition of the body?

According to our work experience, we can say that sexual problems may be due to both physical and psychological conditions. The physical problems that can lead to sexual problems include:

1. Diabetes.
2. Blood Vessel Diseases.
3. Hormonal Imbalances.
4. Alcoholism.
5. Neurological Disorder.

What are the psychological issues that can lead to sexual problems in females?

Some psychological issues that can lead to sexual problem in females are:

1. Anxiety.
2. Work-related stress.
3. Depression.
4. Guilt
5. Marital problems.

How do you diagnose the presence of sexual issues in females?

At our clinic, we can diagnose the sexual issues in females with the help of:

1. Discuss sexual history with the patient to understand the pattern and cause of the problem.
2. Pelvic examination.
3. Ultrasound & Few Tests

How do you treat sexual issues in females?

To treat sexual issues, our doctor can recommend a few medicines on a need basis. But this will be done only after examination and meeting the patient. Some medicines that we prescribe may include:

1. Androgen Therapy to increase the level of testosterone in women.
2. Estrogen Therapy which is given in the form of a tablet, cream, or vaginal ring. It improves the elasticity of the vagina increasing the blood flow in it.

What are other ways in which sexual issues can be improved or met out with?

You can maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat good food, and stay away from stress. You can meet our dietitian who can prescribe a diet to manage your levels of hormones.

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