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With age or more than one vaginal childbirth, the muscles that support the pelvic organs weaken. It, therefore, leads to the prolapse of the organs which are referred to as rectoceles. It is also known as the posterior vaginal wall prolapse. If you feel any abnormal heaving or bulging of the organs in the pelvic area, then you must visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic.

Rectoceles (Posterior Vaginal Prolapse Repair)

Our gynecologist and specialist, Dr. Smiti can offer you treatment for rectoceles. She has vast experience to handle your problems. We prefer and test our patients at our clinic only because we have all the supporting equipment. The staff is also trained to help the visiting patients. Overall our’s is the latest facility that offers you immense comfort. Book your appointment if you are looking for treatment for rectoceles.

Doctor, what are the different types of stages in rectoceles?

Different stages in rectoceles are mild, moderate, and severe. You can know them as under:

Mild: You may feel a little pressure in the vagina or feel unsatisfied after emptying the stools.

Moderate: You may feel discomfort to pass stools. Too much pressure to pass stool can lead to rectocele.

Severe: The prolapse may be noticed through the mouth of vagina.

What are the causes that lead to rectoceles?

Rectoceles may happen due to these factors:

1. Pregnancy
2. Vaginal Childbirth when the weight of the child is more and the labor was prolonged causing extensive stretching in the muscles.
3. Aging
4. Chronic Constipation

Doctor, I am 45 and gave birth to my child through cesarean. I still have developed rectoceles. Can you please explain to me the reason?

If you never had vaginal childbirth but still are suffering from rectoceles, these could be the possible reasons:

1. Overweight.
2. Constipation.
3. Chronic Bronchitis.
4. Sexual abuse during childhood.
5. Pelvic surgery.
6. Drop in the estrogen levels.
7. Weightlifting.

What are the tests you conduct to confirm rectoceles?

At our clinic, our gynecologist will generally do the physical examination of the patient. It involves examining the vagina and rectum. If after examination, our doctor finds some abnormality, she will further recommend an MRI.

When do you conduct surgery and what are the options?

We recommend surgery when the rectoceles are severe which means pelvic organs bulging out through the opening of the vagina. For surgery, we have the following options. We generally discuss it with our patients and then proceed.

1. Transvaginal mesh: In this a mesh is used to reinforce the wall between the vagina and rectum.
2. Sacral Colpopexy.
3. Sacrospinous Colpopexy.

How can we prevent the occurrence of rectoceles?

Good question. You can prevent the occurrence of rectoceles by following these things:

1. Kegel Exercises after vaginal childbirth.
2. Maintain body weight.
3. In the case of chronic constipation and chronic bronchitis, meet the doctor immediately.

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