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Women have two ovaries that to release one egg every month at time of ovulation. The egg when fertilized with the male sperms in the fallopian tube then travel to the uterus & helps a female conceive. The ovaries sometimes have fluid-filled sacs present inside. These may not be harmful, But sometimes they can lead to severe pelvic pain, bloating, and heaviness in the abdomen.

Ovarian Cyst

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What are the causes of the ovarian cyst to happen?

During the menstrual cycle in women, the eggs grow in the sac which is present inside the ovaries. These sacs are called follicles. When these follicles break they release eggs but when they do not the fluid inside the sac forms the cyst.

Can ovarian cyst contribute to the increase in body weight?

Cyst developing as a result of hormonal imbalance can cause weight gain.

Can stress contribute to the development of cyst in the body?

Yes, stress can contribute to the development of the cyst in the body. The cyst develops due to the hormonal imbalance or dominance of estrogen in the body. When a female is stressed it can increase the production of estrogen leading to a cyst.

Is the ovarian cyst always a result of the menstrual cycle?

No, the ovarian cyst is not always a result of the menstrual cycle. There can be cyst-like:

1. Endometriomas: The cyst is called by the development of the inner lining of the uterus outside it and on the ovaries.
2. Cystadenomas: These cysts are filled with watery material.
3. Dermoid Cysts: These cysts are made of embryonic cells and contain hair, skin, or teeth.

What are the factors that can increase the risk of development of ovarian cyst?

Females who are exposed to these have an increased risk of development of ovarian cyst:

1. The cyst develops during Pregnancy for the times you ovulate.
2. Pelvic infection can cause the cyst to grow.
3. Fertility drugs that can cause hormonal problems.

What is the worst complication the ovarian cyst can lead to?

The ovarian cyst can lead to these:

1. Rupture with heavy bleeding pain and discomfort in the pelvic region.
2. The turning of ovaries is also called as ovarian torsion.

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