Fertility Enhancing laparoscopic surgery in Greater Noida

Lifestyle, physical condition, and stress have increased the cases of infertility. Many couples are not able to conceive a child when they try to. If you have been trying for a child since long and are simply not able to get pregnant, you immediately need a specialist. You can visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic for an extensive check-up.


Fertility Enhancing Surgery

Dr. Smiti at our clinic is an experienced gynecologist. She is capable of diagnosing the reason for infertility and providing treatment for it. In other words, you can get answers to your problems here at our clinic. Our healthcare facility is backed by state-of-the-art technology. It enables not only us to offer you excellent treatment but also provides you satisfaction to have come at the correct place. Be confident and plan your visit as soon as possible to enhance the possibility of fertility in you.

What is the best popular fertility enhancing surgery you strongly recommend?

Though there are many we would strongly recommend Laparoscopy. It is a minimally invasive technique. Under Laparoscopy, our surgeon will insert a needle in the abdomen and infuse a gas to inflate the abdomen. The needle is withdrawn, and a thin tube that has a camera on one end is put inside through a second incision.

The process of Laparoscopy helps to diagnose the problems with pelvic organs like fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus. If the reason is established and it needs surgery, our surgeon will immediately conduct the procedure.

Laparoscopy may induce spontaneous pregnancy in females.

In what stage do you recommend Laparoscopy?

1. Laparoscopy is recommended when there is a problem with your fallopian tubes.
2. Suspected diagnosed ovarian cyst ( Endometriosis > 4cm)

despite several IVF, you fail to conceive a child. We would also suggest the surgical procedure when the endometrium is larger than 4cm. In some cases, when females suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, we recommend a hyper-stimulation for controlled ovarian functioning. But even after this, a female is unable to conceive then we would conduct Laparoscopy.

Why do you suggest Laparoscopy as a most suitable surgical procedure to treat infertility?

Our doctor will recommend Laparoscopy as the most suitable surgical procedure to treat infertility because:

1. The procedure has lower risks of infection involved.
2. It is a less invasive method.
3. It gives fewer scars.
4. The rate of successful treatment and achieving pregnancy is higher.
5. The recovery is faster and easier.

I am suffering from fibroids which cause heavy bleeding and immense pain during the menstruation cycle. I am not able to conceive for the last 2 years. What surgical treatment will you recommend for us?

Our doctor will conduct few tests to evaluate the size and location of of fibroids. Then depending on size or site we conduct surgical procedures for the removal of fibroids, which may involve laparoscopy & hysteroscopy.

How much time after Laparoscopic surgery should I take a chance to plan a baby?

Planning a baby after Laparoscopic depending on the type of surgery but may require upto 6 months.

Are there any risks involved with laparoscopic surgery?

Not always, but in some females, laparoscopy can pose risks like:

1. Internal bleeding
2. Damage to the internal organs.
3. Poor healing
4. Infection.

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