Addressing Adolescent Issues treatment in greater noida

Adolescence seems to excite a few girls while others just get crazy with the idea of menstruation, leucorrhea, ovarian cyst, and much more. It is the age when girls get to adjust a lot with their body and their expectations. To some, these life-changing adolescent issues irritate as they interfere with the routine chores. If you feel that you need to know more about things, then you must visit Dr. Smiti Women�s Clinic.

Addressing Adolescent Issues

You can get answers to all your queries from our expert and gynecologist Dr. Smiti. She has experience of years and is capable of handling things that bother you in adolescence. Other than this, our staff is well trained to assist you in any matter. Book an appointment now and leave all your worries aside.

Doctor, my daughter gets her periods for the last 4 years. She is 16 years old but since last year she observes a smelly white discharge. What is that and how can you help to treat it?

Hi, do not worry. It can be a case of white discharge which is quite common in adolescent females. You can bring her to my clinic after which I can recommend the tests and treatment for her.

Doctor what is the treatment for white discharge and what is the cause of it?

You should know that the reason for white discharge could be a fungal infection. We recommend some anti-fungal medicines although in most of the cases its normal discharge.

Doctor I just started with my periods but I suffer a lot of cramps and heavy bleeding. This keeps changing alternate months. Please suggest how I should get rid of the pain?

You must come and visit our clinic. Only after knowing the history of your menstruation cycle will I be able to prescribe you some medicines. We can give you some pain relievers. You can also try using hot packs to ease your abdominal area.

I am unsure of how to educate my daughter for the menstruation cycle. She is a sports person but resists changes at times. Please help.

It is okay to resist changes sometimes. At times, people take more time than usual to adjust to changes but the good part is that they do. You can bring your daughter to our clinic. Our specialist will counsel her about the whole procedure, the length of the cycle, and the side effects.

My daughter has an abnormal menstrual cycle. She has menses from the last 4 years but every time the gap between the two cycles is different. Sometimes it is short and other times it is too long. How should we deal with it?

Abnormal cycles are common in females but you must identify the cause of this problem. You must bring her to our clinic for check-up. Early identification can help us know the cause of the health issue and ways to treat it. We can get to the real cause of the abnormal pattern.

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