Family Planning Doctor In Grearer Noida

Being a parent is the biggest pleasure in this life! But bringing a life to this world should be a free choice for both male and female. It is about planning when do you want to have a child. And for some, it is about choosing the size of the family.


Are you planning to expand your family anytime soon? If yes, then you must know different aspects of Family Planning. Matters like financial position, marital situation, career considerations, and other kinds of disability have affected Family Planning. In the nutshell, it has deeply impacted the ability to have children.

Are you fenced in such real-life problems and have no clue how to deal with the issues of Family Planning? Then you must immediately visit a specialist as soon as possible. Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic is the best women healthcare hospital in the country. Our clinic has deployed experienced specialist who can offer excellent advice on Family Planning. Not only consultancy, but Dr. Smiti also recommends the indisputable treatment. She teams it up with state-of-the-art technology.

What is Family Planning?

Family Planning is to avoid unintended pregnancy. To put it in simple words, planning for the time to have children refers to family planning. It reduces the need for abortion leading towards better health in females. It is the right of both the partners to decide the number and spacing between the children.

Is Family planning the same as Birth Control?

Many people think Family Planning and Birth Control as same. On the contrary, Family Planning is a larger concept in which you gain knowledge on the preparation to have a family. It is about making a decision when to have a child in your life. After counseling from our expert gynecologists like Dr. Smiti.

On the other hand Birth Control is the preventive measure to avoid unintended pregnancy. It involves the use of condoms and IUDs to popping pills. Either of this should always come after the doctor’s consultation at our clinic.

Why is Family Planning Important?

Family Planning is important to make sure about the well-being of women. A healthy and happy woman who bears a child in her womb makes an important part of our community. It is crucial to take care of the health of each woman. Unintended pregnancy and abortions can be painful. Hence, it is wise to opt for Family Planning Methods.

Some methods also helps to prevent diseases like HIV / AIDS.

What are the methods or ways of Family Planning?

Suppose, if you do not want to have a child for some time, then you must follow any of these methods to prevent pregnancy. Doctors at our clinic will strongly recommend methods like

• Long-Acting reversible contraception, like implants or an intrauterine device.
• Use Condoms while having physical intercourse.
• Gain proper fertility awareness from our specialist Dr. Smiti.
• Take hormonal contraception, like pills or the Depo Provera injection.

The time when you are completely ready to have a child, then you should stop using these immediately. We can guide you properly on that too.

Which is the best method of Family Planning?

According to us, the best method to prevent pregnancy is by the way of implant and IUDs. If you fulfill the eligibility criteria, You can also call it the most foolproof method.

A few other methods we suggest include pills, rings, and shot to avoid pregnancy but the best method can only be ascertained after a through history & examination by an experienced gynecology.

The world-class maternity facilities and expertise that we offer ensures that you and your baby are in the safest hands possible. When you choose us for your obstetric needs, you are automatically assured of easy and quick access to the best medical facilities delivered using the latest and most sophisticated technologies and state-of-the-art equipment.

What is the best contraception immediately after giving birth to a child even while the woman is breastfeeding the baby?

It is very important to note that birth control or family planning should be discussed amongst the couple. We recommend using condoms as it is an affordable and easy to use option. But for the woman who is breastfeeding, an IUD is the best option. The position of the uterus immediately after the postpartum is important to know and hence the insertion needs skill.

You should consult one of our experts Dr. Smiti for the procedure of insertion. She is experienced and has undergone special training for the method. Also, our clinic is equipped with the latest equipments that support the procedures. Other than IUDs, doctors at our clinic would ask you to choose estrogen-free hormonal methods like pills or injections. These can be safely used even while breastfeeding.


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