Laparoscopy Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment In Greater Noida

Conceiving a child is like a dream come true! But not all couples could get it as smooth as it was a cakewalk for them. Have you been diagnosed in ectopic pregnancy ? If yes, then we understand your stress. But the positive part of it is that we also know how to treat your condition.

Laparoscopy Ectopic Pregnancy

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What is an ectopic pregnancy? Can you please explain this to me in detail?

Yes, we would like to explain everything about the disease and disorder. In females, fertilized eggs are placed inside the uterus. When these fertilized eggs are placed anywhere outside the uterus, like in fallopian tubes, it is called Ectopic Pregnancy.

Fallopian tubes help the eggs to travel from the ovaries to the uterus. We also call Ectopic Pregnancy as Tubal pregnancy.

Is Ectopic Pregnancy successful?

No, in no case is Ectopic Pregnancy successful. The fertilized eggs cannot survive in the fallopian tubes for longer. The growing pregnancy is dangerous for the mother. It can cause life-threatening bleeding.

How do you treat Ectopic Pregnancy with Laparoscopy?

To treat Ectopic Pregnancy, we may choose to conduct surgeries like Salpingostomy or Salpingectomy. These two are laparoscopic surgeries.

How do you conduct a laparoscopy or can you please define the procedure in detail?

Under the laparoscopic procedure, a small incision is made in the belly-button. A tube or laparoscope is inserted. It has a camera and light attached to it. It helps us to diagnose the condition & treatment.

Under the Salpingostomy, the ectopic pregnancy is removed. The tube is left to heal on its own. Whereas, in the other procedure, a Salpingectomy, both the tube and ectopic pregnancy is removed.

Other than Laparoscopy, how do you treat Ectopic Pregnancy?

Other than Laparoscopy, we would recommend the female suffering from Ectopic Pregnancy some medications. These may help the tissues to dissolve. It also allows the growth of the cells to stop immediately.

With which tests do you establish that a female has an Ectopic Pregnancy?

Like normal pregnancy, we will establish or confirm the Ectopic Pregnancy with these tests:

1. Pregnancy Test: A blood test HCG to confirm the pregnancy level. The levels of hormones rise during pregnancy. This blood test is repeated to rule out the possibility of Ectopic Pregnancy.
2. Ultrasound: With the help of the transvaginal ultrasound, our doctor will be able to locate the pregnancy in you. The sound waves used help to create images of ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes.
3. Blood Tests: A complete blood profile will also be done to know the abnormalities in the blood.
4. Pelvic Examination: Our doctor will check the area for pain and tenderness. If it pains during the test, you must immediately tell Dr. Smiti.

What are the symptoms of an Ectopic Pregnancy?

If you suffer from Ectopic Pregnancy, then you may have these symptoms:

1. Light Vaginal Bleeding.
2. Pelvic Pain.
3. Leakage from Fallopian Tubes.

Nausea, breast tenderness and a missed period will also exist as in case of a normal pregnancy. In the worst case, there are chances that you faint, feel shocked, or lightheaded.

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