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Are genital warts, vaginal stenosis, vaginismus, or vulvar vestibulitis bothering you? There is nothing to feel shy about the diseases and the part of the body. The treatment of the sensitive body part between the vagina and anus needs an expert opinion. Clinical conditions like these can be corrected with a surgery known as perineoplasty.


If you are looking for advice on perineoplasty, visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic. Dr. Smiti is an experienced gynecologist who has years of experience. She is capable of handling physical situations like these in women. Our clinic has the latest equipment that helps us to treat the patients faster. For you, it will be about visiting a reliable clinic that has the best staff.

How would I know that I should consult a doctor for perineoplasty?

See, if you suffer from either of these, then you must visit our clinic to know more about perineoplasty.


1. Decreased sexual satisfaction.
2. Vulvar Vestibulitis (Having acute vulvar pain)
3. Congenital Deformities (birth defects affecting the reproductive organs)
4. Introit Stenosis ( Opening of Vagina, which leads to vaginal canal)

How can perineoplasty help in women?

The surgical procedure of perineoplasty can help women to reshape and tighten the area between vagina and anus. It involves a V-shaped incision to the posterior wall of the Vagina. The incision can be made a curve, flat, or upwards angled. It will depend on the type of tightening needed.

Should I follow a regime before the perineoplasty treatment?

Yes, you must follow a regime before perineoplasty treatment. Our doctor will suggest that before the treatment, you must:

How does obstetrician at our clinic help you?

Our Aim is to deliver a healthy mother & healthy baby. However, this is not easy and takes some effort. By using the expertise of a qualified obstetrician, they can not only avoid potential health problems but also manage the existing health issues competently.

1. Not take diabetes medicine on the day of surgery.
2. Avoid taking herbal medications.
3. Avoid taking diet pills.
4. Take antibiotics as suggested.
5. Avoid taking blood-thinning medicines.

How long will it take to recover from the surgical procedure of perineoplasty?

It will take about 3 weeks for a female to recover.

What can I expect immediately after the perineoplasty surgery?

Immediately after the perineoplasty surgery, the patient can expect these symptoms:


1. Spotting or Bleeding.
2. Swelling and discomfort.

Are the results of surgical perineoplasty permanent?

Yes, the results of the surgical procedure of perineoplasty are permanent. But it may be impacted if the patient shortly gives birth to a child, gains weight significantly, and gets pregnant.

In which situation does your doctor not recommend perineoplasty?

If a patient suffers from dyspareunia that relates to painful and difficult sexual intercourse, then perineoplasty will not work.

Does the surgical procedure of perineoplasty leave any side-effects on patients?

Not always, but in some patients, perineoplasty can lead to:


1. Excessive tightening of the vaginal opening.
2. Infection.
3. Formation of fistula
4. Abscess.

Why would you recommend a perineoplasty in females? Do you think that the surgical method has some benefits?

Over the years, our doctor has observed that the results of the surgical procedure of perineoplasty are good. Yes, this surgical method leaves tightened skin, tightened muscles, improved looks, and removes scar tissues.

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