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Gynecological conditions like the appearance of the vagina or excessive laxity may disturb some women. They seek immediate solutions through cosmetic gynecology to regain their confidence. After normal childbirth, vaginal mucosa in some females has an abnormal accumulation of thin fluid. But after a few weeks, vaginal mucosa thickens and gets back to the original shape.

PRP Therapy

Vaginal Mucosa provides the vagina to have an increased surface for stretching and extension. But after childbirth, you do not feel relaxed down there. If yes, then you must consult a doctor.

What diseases can you treat with PRP therapy at your clinic?

With PRP therapy, a few diseases that can be treated with PRP therapy at our clinic include:


1. Vaginal Mucosa.
2. Regeneration of Muscles.
3. Regeneration of skin.

How does PRP therapy help in the treatment?

The Plasma Rich Therapy deploys the use of injections. These injections have a concentration of the patient’s platelets. The therapy helps to heal broken ligaments, joints, or muscles.

Does the use of PRP therapy affect sexual life?

After the use of the PRP therapy on some patients, we have observed immediate rejuvenation of the tissues in the vagina. It helps to improve the sexual response dramatically.


The vaginal vascularity increases and the sensitivity is enhanced drastically.

Doctor, please tell me what are the benefits of the Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy if deployed to improve vaginal dysfunction?

Please note that Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy activates the tissues in your skin after the injection. It can help the patients with:

1. Enhanced sensitivity during physical intercourse.
2. The skin of the vagina becomes thicker and firmer.
3. Vagina looks youthful.
4. Female sexual dysfunction.
5. Increased Arousal.
6. Stronger Orgasm and Increased Natural Lubrication.

What are the symptoms of vaginal mucosa problems ? How do you treat the disease at your clinic?

If you suffer from vaginal mucosa problems, then you may experience these symptoms:

1. Pain with sex.
2. Vaginal Itchiness.
3. Vaginal Dryness.
4. Urge to urinate.


We can treat the disease with the Plasma Rich Therapy treatment. In this method, we use injections to initiate regeneration of the tissues.

Are there any risks of the Plasma Rich Therapy Treatment to treat the gynecological disorder?

Not always, but sometimes the Plasma Rich Therapy Treatment can cause risks like:


1. Bleeding.
2. Nerve Damage.
3. Infection.

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