Prenatal care in greater noida

Taking care of a woman when she is pregnant is called Pregnancy Care. During pregnancy, care for both mother and child is important. It helps the obstetrician to note the development of the baby. This is the reason for which a pregnant female is repeatedly called for check-ups. Consulting a doctor for prenatal care should start as early as possible.

Pregnancy Care

The signs of complications may be observed and treated early. A few pregnant females may have a high-risk pregnancy. To avoid any risks to both the baby and mother, you must plan a visit to your obstetrician. Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic is the best healthcare service provider. The facilities at our clinic are up-to-date enabling the doctors and the nursing staff to provide hassle-free services.

What will the obstetrician at your clinic do when a pregnant female approaches for a consultation?

The obstetrician and the gynecologist at our clinic will do these things for the pregnant female:

1. Check mother for health conditions like diabetes, infections, high blood pressures, and other disorders.
2. Advice on a healthy and balanced diet.
3. Guide on routine to treat morning sickness, back pain, and heartburn.
4. Make general suggestions to follow throughout pregnancy.
5. Conduct ultrasounds, tests, and other measurements.

Is there a risk if I do not consult an obstetrician when I am pregnant?

An obstetrician can help monitor the growth of the fetus and check for any complications. In the absence of the consultation, chances are that not just the baby but the mother may also suffer from poor health.

Why should I trust your clinic before choosing the obstetrician?

You can trust our clinic before choosing the obstetrician when you are pregnant because:

1. We have a team of experts and specialists, especially Dr. Smiti. Each member is sufficient enough to take care of and resolve the medical issues.
2. We offer services that can fall within the budget. It implies that our services are not overpriced.
3. The entire nursing staff is trained enough to take care of pregnant mothers.

I am 4 months pregnant. Do you recommend yoga as a part of pregnancy care?

Yes, Yoga is an excellent health regimen you should follow. Practicing yoga during pregnancy is not just good for the mother but also the baby. Body pain, cramps, mood swings, blood pressure, and other health issues can be resolved through Yoga.

Is pregnancy care and prenatal care the same?

Yes, the terms of pregnancy care and prenatal care can be used synonymously. It means taking care of the mother during pregnancy.

What are the tests that an obstetrician would do for a pregnant female?

An obstetrician would do these tests for a pregnant female:

1. Physical Examination.
2. Weight Checks.
3. Blood Tests.
4. Sonography.
5. Urine Test.


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