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Women in whom the In-Vitro Fertilization technique fails can be helped with the laser hatching technique. It assists in improving the chances of pregnancy. If you have undertaken IVF treatment to conceive a child but could not attain success, it will be better that you ask your doctor about laser hatching.

Laser Hatching

An embryo is covered with an outer layer called the Zona Pellucida. The laser helps to break this layer if it is thick before the embryo is placed inside the uterus.

Please explain what laser hatching is?

Laser Hatching is a technique in which the doctor uses a laser beam making it easy for the embryo to hatch. When the embryo hatches, the outer shell breaks leaving an opening. When this embryo is planted inside the uterus, it increases the chances of pregnancy.

Why do many doctors recommend laser hatching?

Many doctors will recommend laser hatching because it speeds up the process. The embryo spends less time outside the incubator which prevents the failure of the process.

In what females do you recommend laser hatching?

Females for whom the IVF process failed more than one time poor responded to treatment are the ones on whom our doctor will use the technique of laser hatching.

Doctor, please tell me how does laser hatching help?

In some cases, the outer shell of the embryo is thick and it does not hatch properly to attain good fertilization, laser hatching helps.

I have read that laser hatching can lead to the birth of twins. Is that true?

IVF itself can lead to twin pregnancy and risk increases in hatching.

Is the process of laser hatching safe?

Yes, the process is safe. But there can be just two limitations to it: one, that a couple will have identical twins, and another than the embryo can get damaged.

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