High Risk Pregnancy Care in Greater Noida

Bearing a child is a blessing. Some females can conceive the child without any efforts while for others it is about keeping a count of ovulation dates. The story does not end here. When a pregnant mother faces a health state where she or her child is posed to any disorder, it is termed as a High-Risk Pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy

If you qualify for any of the factors that can take you close to the higher risk of pregnancy, then you need to seek immediate consultation. Visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic. It is a leading clinic that offers a wide range of services in women related health issues. Our clinic is facilitated by state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to render flawless services. Dr. Smiti and other members of our staff are trained to heal the state of pregnancy both medically and emotionally.


What is High-Risk Pregnancy?

Females can suffer from a high risk of pregnancy complications due to the following situations :

• Weight of the females. Both, being underweight or overweight becomes an issue.
• Age of the females. It is good to conceive at the right age, that is, females younger than 17 or older than 35 may have complications.
• Pregnancy with triplets or twins.
• Females who suffer from high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, and other health problems.
• Serious issues like delivering a premature baby in the first pregnancy or have given birth to a child who has genetic disorders.

How can a doctor help us in the health state of High-Risk Pregnancy?

Our specialist Dr. Smiti will help females who suffer from High-Risk Pregnancy in the best possible way. She will closely monitor the patient in each term or month of pregnancy. Our doctor and the assisting staff will recommend the patient to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

The patient will be requested and guided to keep the infections and illnesses at bay. Alcohol, smoke, and meat will be immediately prohibited. And before anything else prevails, it will be the stress that needs to be reduced.

What are the emergency signs & Symptoms of High Risk Pregnancy?

Largely, considering all the factors that can contribute to the High-Risk Pregnancy, our doctor will bring in light the issues. But you should know that in the following situations, you can have the probability of risk in pregnancy:

• Severe headaches.
• Cramps or pain in the abdomen.
• Decreased fetal activity.
• Blur vision.
• Swelling on the face, hands or fingers.
• Fever or chills.
• Dizziness.
• Vaginal bleeding.
• Pain or burning when urinating.

What kinds of tests will be recommended when I suffer from High-Risk Pregnancy. And are they safe?

Relax. Our expert Dr. Smiti will recommend a High-Risk Pregnancy patient to undertake any of these tests:

• Ultrasound for Cervical Length: The length of the cervix will help the health care provider know whether you are at the risk of preterm labor.
• Urine Tests: You may be asked to take the urine tests also. It will help identify any infections in the urinary tract.
• Biophysical Profile: The test will check the baby with fetal heart rate monitoring.
• Targeted Ultrasound: The targeted ultrasound will check the baby for any abnormalities. The sound waves produce the baby’s image in the uterus.

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