Vaginoplasty treatment in greater noida

Do you feel that your vagina has loosened after giving birth to your child? Many women have this feeling. After giving vaginal birth, the muscles and tissues stretch. It loosens the skin of the vagina. This can further lead to sexual dysfunction and hence the need to tighten the vagina.


The procedure may sound simple but you need an expert to conduct it. The vagina is a sensitive part and prone to infections. Visit Dr. Smit Women’s Clinic to consult. You should first find out whether vaginoplasty will suit your requirements or not. Our gynecologist is available to answer all that you must know. She has years of experience which can satisfy that you are in safe hands. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology instruments. It makes the treatment easy for us and reliable for you.

What is the major reason that females look for vaginoplasty?

The major reason that females choose for vaginoplasty is sexual dysfunction. After a vaginal birth, the skin gets loose. It is because of the tissues and muscles stretching to the core.

Is vaginoplasty a medical need or it is cosmetic surgery?

Vaginoplasty is purely a cosmetic surgical procedure. In general, it is not for medical treatment.

How does vaginoplasty help to fix the laxity of the vagina?

With the procedure of vaginoplasty, the separated muscles are brought together. The extra mucosa skin present on the backside of the vagina is removed. Vaginoplasty helps to improve the aesthetic appearance of the vagina.

How do you conduct the vaginoplasty?

Our gynecologist will make a mark of the extra skin that needs to be removed. It is the creation of the pie-shaped wedge as a mark. The skin under the wedge is tightened with the help of sutures. If still, there remains extra mucosa skin, then it will be closed through sutures.

What is the recovery time needed after vaginoplasty?

It may take you about one week to two for the complete recovery. Though in some females, it may cause pain during physical intercourse from sometime

Dr. Smiti can you please tell me about the side effects of vaginoplasty?

The side-effects of vaginoplasty may include:


1. Scarring
2. Chronic Pain.
3. Pain during sexual intercourse.
4. Vaginal Burns.
5. Nerve Damage, at times.

What are the other vaginoplasty techniques that are used?

Vaginoplasty can be carried through different techniques. These may involve:


1. Using dilators and traction devices or balloons.
2. Surgical Procedures that involve making neovagina from labial and perineal tissues.
3. Creation of neovagina through skin-graft.

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