Urethral Slings Treatment in Greater Noida

With age and multiple vaginal deliveries, females tend to suffer from urinary incontinence. Do you feel that while coughing or sneezing you are not be able to control the urine? If yes, then it is time to meet a doctor.

Urethral Slings (Urinary Incontinence)

Come and visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic to find the treatment for urinary incontinence. Our surgeon will create a sling to support the urethra near the neck of the bladder. When the neck of bladder is supported well, then you will be able to control the urine. You can trust us as we keep both the talent and technology at par. Book your appointment now to get the treatment for urinary incontinence.

Doctor, how do you treat urinary incontinence?

We treat urinary incontinence by creating slings. The sling helps to pull back urethra at level of bladder neck. When the bladder neck is supported well, it prevents the leakage of urine.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital after the surgery?

In common, the patients can go back home, the same day after the surgery.

Doctor, please explain whether urethral sling surgery for urinary incontinence poses any side-effects?

The side-effects of urethral slings are rare, but in some cases, it can be observed that females may suffer from:

1. Feel like peeing often
2. Pain during physical intercourse.
3. Finding it hard to pee.
4. Urinary tract infection.

For how long does a urethral sling remain intact in the body?

A urethral sling can remain intact for a good 10 years. If you feel any problem, we recommend meeting our gynecologist for the check-up.

Is the surgery of urethral slings painful?

No, the surgery of the urethral slings is not painful. We always conduct the surgery under the effect of general or spinal anesthesia.

How can I otherwise work to improve urinary incontinence?

Other than the surgery, we suggest the patient choose for the change in the lifestyle. 80 out of 100 have observed good changes after Kegel Exercises. It makes the pelvic area stronger. Gradually, the sudden urge of urinating can be controlled.

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