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A woman conceives a child when the fertilized egg implants itself on to the lining of the uterus. A baby will be able to survive only here. In some cases, when the fertilized egg attaches itself anywhere outside the uterus, it is called an ectopic pregnancy. The chances of survival of the fetus are rare in such cases. The question is why does ectopic pregnancy happen? If you repeatedly face ectopic pregnancy, then you must visit a specialist who can help you to conceive a baby properly.

Ectopic Pregnancy

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Why does the ectopic pregnancy happen?

An ectopic pregnancy may happen when the fertilized eggs that travel through the fallopian tube cannot reach the uterus. It stays and tries to survive in the fallopian tube.

It is also called a tubal pregnancy. Other than the fallopian tube, an ectopic pregnancy may happen in the ovary or the cervix.

What are the symptoms that the pregnancy is ectopic?

To judge an ectopic pregnancy, you must note that rest all symptoms will be the same except in this, you may have:

1. Light Vaginal Bleeding.
2. Pelvic Pain.
3. Shoulder Pain
4. Urge for a frequent bowel movement.
5. Lightheadedness, shock, and fainting as the life-threatening symptoms due to the rupture of the fallopian tube.

When should a female see a doctor confirm whether she is suffering from an ectopic pregnancy?

A female should visit a doctor to confirm for ectopic cancer when she suffers from :

1. Lightheadedness.
2. Shoulder Pain
3. Pelvic Pain

Who has the risk of getting ectopic pregnancy?

These females have a high risk of ectopic pregnancy who:

1. Has undertaken IVF treatment.
2. Has taken IUD insemination to avoid pregnancy.
3. Smokes.
4. Suffers or has previous history of sexually transmitted disease.
5. Has undergone tubal surgery.

Doctor what are the tests that you suggest to diagnose the possibility or occurrence of ectopic pregnancy?

These are the tests we would suggest to diagnose the ectopic pregnancy:

1. Ultrasound.
2. Blood Tests.
3. HCG blood test to confirm the level of hormones.

How do you treat a female who suffers from ectopic pregnancy?

Both medical and surgical option can be used depending on case scenario. At our clinic, we conduct laparoscopy to remove the ectopic pregnancy. In this a small tube fitted with a camera is inserted inside. It is pushed through a small incision near the abdomen. There are two types of surgeries we conduct:

1. Salpingostomy: In this only, the ectopic pregnancy is removed and the tube is left to heal with time.
2. Salpingectomy: In this procedure, both the tube and the ectopic pregnancy is removed.

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