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Women who face alteration in their uro-vaginal area may need vaginal reconstruction through plastic surgery.

Vaginal Reconstruction/Plastic Surgery

The damage to the region may be caused due to vaginal delivery, effects of surgery to correct continence or radiation treatment for cancer. The procedure involves the construction of a new artificial vagina.

Doctor, can you please tell and explain the procedure of vaginal reconstruction through plastic surgery?

Yes, you should be aware of the procedure before the surgery. For vaginal reconstruction, using the plastic surgery method, our surgeon will use the skin and muscles from other body parts. For this purpose, our surgeon may use muscles from inner thighs and a skin graft from the side of your bottom. We might also use muscle tissues from the lower abdomen.

What are the symptoms of uterine prolapse to know that we need immediate attention?

After vaginal reconstruction through plastic surgery, you will be helped and explained the use of dilators. These are smooth conical objects which are used to keep the opening of the vagina wide.


Our doctor and staff will tell you to start with the small-sized dilators. After some time, you should use the ones with the bigger size. The use of dilators must continue until the vaginal opening makes you comfortable to have physical intercourse.

For how long is the use of dilators prescribed?

The patient must use dilators for a minimum of three months initially. It will help to keep the vagina open. But if a female is active with gentle physical intercourse, then the use of dilators can be avoided.


After three months, you can reduce the use of dilators.

Are there any side-effects of the vaginal reconstruction through plastic surgery?

At times, vaginal reconstruction through plastic surgery can lead to :


1. Lack of vagina laxity.
2. Dryness.
3. Infection.
4. Pain during physical intercourse.

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