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Carrying the baby for nine long months is worth the wait when a mother delivers. A mother bears the child for about 40 weeks in the womb. This is just one part of the story as giving birth to the child makes another tale. Depending on the health status of both the mother and the child, the nature of delivery is decided by the gynecologist.

Normal Delivery

Normal delivery is painful because the child comes out through the vagina. Normally, a mother can choose between a normal delivery and a c-section. But the final call should be taken as advised by the doctor.

The process of childbirth is normal. If you are pregnant or planning one soon, then a pre-awareness of the normal delivery process can be helpful. Our expert gynecologist Dr. Smiti can mentally prepare a female taking her to the journey of the vaginal delivery. There is too much apprehension about the same. Our clinic and the staff give their best to help mothers give birth to a child.

What is a normal delivery?

Normal delivery or vaginal delivery is the process of giving birth to a child through the vagina. The process is painful because the first step is bearing the labor pains. Normal delivery may take upto 4 hrs.. The labor pain is the indication that the child is ready to pop-out. The cramps and severe discomfort in the body is part of the process.

As soon as the pain hits a mother, she should immediately contact the clinic. If the pain does not start till expected date of delivery, then most probably our specialist will induce pain in the female. It will be done through tablets & injection. The gynecologist will wait until the next stage which is cervix dilation.

Cervix helps to maintain the pregnancy and help in the birth of the child. If the cervix is dilated 4 centimeters, then it is said that the patient is into active labor. Gradually, the cervix will open till 10 cms. During this time, the lady pregnant is amidst labor pains. Slowly, the baby will deliver.

As soon as the baby’s head emerges, our doctor will ask the mother to push the baby. It will enable our specialist to pull the baby out.

Just as the baby comes out, the mother is relieved from pain and stress. Our doctors will then immediately clean the baby. It is important as then the baby will be able to breathe.

How much is the recovery period after the normal delivery?

Overall, it may take 7-10 days for a mother to recover after the normal delivery. Your vagina has a small opening but giving birth can leave the vagina tender and sore. The mother after delivery may find it difficult to urinate or clear bowel.

How can we prepare physically for the convenient birthing process?

The doctors at our clinic will recommend regular exercise. For a pregnant female, the Keigel exercise is a must. Exercises are also the pelvic floor exercises. These exercises help to strengthen the muscles that support bowels, bladder, and uterus.

Exercise helps the capacity of the mothers to pull or relax the muscles during labor pains.

Does a normal delivery leave any side effects in the body?

No, there are no side-effects in the body. But remember, a mother after the delivery should take care of her health. Our gynecologist will guide the patient for diet and things to take care of.

What changes will happen to my body after normal delivery?

After the normal delivery, the female’s body may respond in either all or in some of the ways:

1. Pain while urinating or passing stools: after the normal delivery, you must know that the tissues around the bladder may be swollen. It may happen due to excessive pressure. Hence it may lead to pain while urinating or passing stools.
2. Vaginal pain: If during the delivery, there was a cut in your vagina, then the chances of vaginal soreness is high. The cut may cause pain for 2 weeks after the delivery. Some females may suffer from pain while sitting also.
3. Vaginal bleeding: Commonly, a female suffers from vaginal bleeding after normal delivery. The color of the discharge may vary from red to brown to pink. Though if the color of the discharge changes often, then you must immediately consult our specialist.
4. Hair Loss: After pregnancy, some females may face uncontrollable hair loss. They should visit our clinic for the same. Dr. Smiti will be helpful in this regard too.

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