Caesarean Section in greater noida

Not all mothers can have a vaginal delivery as their health condition or baby’s position can hinder it. It calls for an alternative procedure which is called a Caesarean Section or C-Sec in short. This procedure involves a giving a cut in lower tummy & delivering gthe baby.

Cesarean Section

In general, if the female has obstructed labor, low lying placenta, breech baby, or any other issue, our doctor will decide to pull the baby out through C-section. This method for childbirth is safe but you should ask your doctor whether it is advisable for you or not. Visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic to find out the procedure which is good for you. Our expert and experienced gynecologist will brief you about c-section if need be.

Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology and machines. The entire team at the clinic is dedicated to spreading smiles bringing a new life to the world.

Is C-Section safe?

Yes, C-section is a safe procedure. There is no harm to the mother and the baby.

We prescribe antibiotics after the surgery to prevent any kind of infection. If not taken care of, then it may lead to poor health. The infection can occur in the urinary tract and wound.

A few other risks that may be posed after the c-section include:

1. Injury to internal organs of mother
2. Breathing problem in the child especially if it is a newborn baby.
3. Bleeding and blood clots.
4. Injury to the child during surgery. The impact of the injury can be lifelong.

When and how does your doctor decide to conduct a C-section?

Our gynecologist Dr. Smiti would advise you to conduct a C-section when the mother has following problems

Other cases that will call for the c-section include problems like:

1. Position of the placenta or umbilical cord
2. Breech baby
3. Twin pregnancy i.e first baby as breech
4. Failed labor
5. Baby’s head is too big for the birth canal.
6. Baby has abnormal heart beat.
7. Pregnancy complications.

How long do you take to complete the procedure of c-section?

It will take about 40-45 minutes to complete one c-section procedure. Dr. Smiti is an expert and a capable doctor to carry a c-section successfully.

Is the recovery from c-section longer than a vaginal delivery?

Although vaginal delivery is known to have faster recovery but with our latest and advanced surgical technique c-section also has speedy recovery.

Are babies who are delivered through a c-section safe?

Yes it is similar to having vaginal delivery unless there are some pre known problems to baby.

I am pregnant with my second child. My first child was delivered with a c-section. Is it necessary that I have to take another c-section?

For the second child to be born with a c-section or vaginal delivery, it will depend on the situation of the patient. Our specialist will analyze the situation of the female and then choose the delivery method:

1. Elective Repeat Caesarean section.
2. Vaginal Birth.

But 3 out of 4 patients can deliver vaginally it, they fulfill all the criteria

Is anesthesia needed during the cesarean section? If yes, then which anesthesia do you use?

Yes, anesthesia is needed during the cesarean section. Usually spinal or regional anaesthesiais given but in some cases general anaesthesia may also be required.

What is Spinal Block anesthesia? Is it safe?

Spinal block anesthesia is injected into the sac that surrounds the spinal cord. It will numb the lower part of the body. Yes, it is safe and we take extra care of the patient to avoid any infections.

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