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Are you laid up with a persistent or recurring pain in lower tummy? Does it recur but you are unable to locate a spot of pain? If yes, then it is the chronic pelvic pain that bothers you. A pelvic area in your body is the complete area under the belly button. There can be multiple causes for it.

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Treating the disease is important because the pain is chronic. It is severe and steady with sharp cramps. All you need is to visit a specialist who not just advises you for the treatment but brings you out of the condition. Dr. Smiti at our Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic is the best healthcare provider. It is equipped with the latest technology enabling us to scan and diagnose the illness faster. The idea is to heal you better and as soon as possible. Our doctor will never suggest drugs or medicines that will not suit your body. The entire staff at our clinic is trained to deal with the patients and soothe their state of the body.

Can you please elaborate on the symptoms of Chronic Pelvic Pain?

You must understand that a Chronic Pelvic Pain brings discomfort to your body. It can be in the form of severe pain or cramps. Other than these, you may also suffer:

1. A mild pain that appears when you stand for long hours. But you will feel better after lying down.
2. Pain that comes and goes.
3. Pain during intercourse.
4. Pain when you pass urine or during the bowel movement.
5. A discomforting pain after you sit for long hours.

What are the common causes of Chronic Pelvic Pain?

There can be multiple causes of Chronic Pelvic Pain. Our doctor will explain to you different reasons for the pain as:

1. Fibroids: Growth inside the uterus that gives pressure or heaviness in the abdomen.
2. Endometriosis: The growth of tissues like the inner lining of the uterus outside the organ. It causes pain and irregular bleeding.
3. Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: It may happen due to sexually transmitted infection which causes inflammation and pain.
4. Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: Enlarged veins in the pelvic area may cause chronic pain.
5. Psychological Factors: Stress and depression may also cause chronic pelvic pain.
6. Ovarian Remnant: After the removal of ovaries, a small piece of the ovary may remain inside which may cause pain.

How do you treat chronic pelvic pain?

We recommend laparoscopy for the treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain. The treatment depends upon underlying condition to diagnose and establish the exact cause of pain. After the test, surgical treatment can also be carried immediately.

Which amongst the all can you state is the leading cause of the Chronic Pelvic Pain?

After so many years of treatment females, Dr. Smiti states that Endometriosis is the leading cause of Chronic Pelvic Pain.

How can laparoscopy be used to treat chronic pelvic pain which may arise due to Endometriosis?

If you are suffering from Chronic Pelvic Pain due to Endometriosis, then the doctor will call you for Laparoscopy. Laparoscopy is an effective and common procedure to diagnose & treat the state of Endometriosis.


Our anesthetist will give you general anesthesia before the surgery. Through a small cut in the belly button, the doctor will insert a laparoscope to check and treat the disease. The total time taken during the surgery will be 30 minutes to 6 hours. All the abnormal tissues will be removed to bring relief to you.

What are the tests that you would recommend to examine the Chronic Pelvic Pain?

In general, our doctor will recommend a laparoscopy because of precision. But other than these:


1. Ultrasound: The high-frequency sound waves produce the image of the pelvic area to find out the cause of chronic pelvic pain.
2. Lab Tests: Our doctor will suggest for lab tests to check for the presence of an infection.
3. X-rays and CT Scan: These two tests help to detect abnormal growth in the pelvic organs.
4. Pelvic Examination: Our doctor will check the area for pain and tenderness. If it pains during the test, you must immediately tell Dr. Smiti.

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