Pelvic Sonography test in Greater Noida

Do you feel pain in your pelvic area for the last few days? Is it hard for you to pee or do you find heaviness in your abdomen area? If yes, then there is a need for you to take pelvic sonography. But obviously, you need the best gynecologist to examine the situation before you proceed to pelvic sonography.

Pelvic sonography

You can visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic to determine whether the pelvic area is healthy or not? Dr. Smiti is an experienced doctor who can suggest the best treatment if you are diagnosed with any problem. We conduct the tests successfully at our clinic. Our facility is well equipped with the best machines and instruments. Each staff working at our clinic is trained enough to help the patient. You can book an appointment as soon as possible to get rid of the illness fast.

What does pelvic sonography help to determine?

The pelvic sonography helps to determine the growth of cyst, lump, or a solid tumor. The entire pelvis region of a female is examined to check for any problem.

What tests will you recommend to confirm any illness that relates to the uterus?

To examine you for any illness that relates to the uterus, we will conduct pelvic sonography. With the help of the test, we can visualize all the organs in the pelvis area. This includes the cervix, vagina, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the uterus.

Please tell me whether the pelvic sonography test is painful or not?

No pelvic sonography test is not painful. The transducer which is inserted inside may just cause slight discomfort. But otherwise, the patient will not feel any pain. This is the case when the sonography is internal.

In the case of the external sonography, the transducer is just moved over the tummy to check for any abnormalities.

How does Pelvic Ultrasound work?

It is very good that you are asking about this. A Pelvic Ultrasound uses the science of sound waves that are sent to the organs inside the pelvis region. These organs that reflect the waves and deployed on monitor & interpreted by a doctor.

What diseases can be diagnosed with the help of pelvic ultrasound?

The Pelvic Ultrasound can be done to check the organs in the pelvis region. The test can help to establish health issues like:

1. Problems with the uterus.
2. Cancer of ovaries, uterus, or bladder.
3. The cause of abnormal bleeding.
4. Diagnose certain fertility problem
5. Check the ectopic pregnancy.
6. Monitor the baby’s growth.
7. Shapes, size, and location of the organs.

Doctor, can you please tell me how long does it take to conduct the pelvic ultrasound?

Yes, you may note that for a pelvic ultrasound session, it may take a minimum of 15-20 minutes for the detailed examination.

What are the basic things I must know before the pelvic ultrasound?

Before the pelvic ultrasound, you can empty your bladder.

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