Antenatal Care for Pregnancy in Greater Noida

Pregnancy is a very important phase in the life of a female. Regularly monitoring the health of the mother and the growth of the child is of prime importance. During nine months, a gynecologist will call the mother for a regular check-up. If you are pregnant, your doctor must have called you for the antenatal check-up by now.


Ante Natal Check-up

If yes, then you must be aware of the importance it has. During pregnancy, it is vital to track and monitor the growth of the fetus as well as the health of mother. Another thing that is predominantly associated with this is the need for a specialist. An expert can identify if is any complication that requires immediate attention.

If you are unaware of who can be the best guide and healthcare provider during pregnancy, then you must find out about Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic. Dr. Smiti is an experienced doctor who has earned experience with dedication. Visit her to seek the best opinion on the antenatal check-up. Our clinic is completely equipped and the staff is trained to make pregnancy a comfortable experience.

What does an antenatal check-up help to find?

We would need an antenatal check-up to identify health issues or complications in pregnancy like anemia, hypertension, blood pressure, thyroid, and others in the mother. For the fetus, we need the check-up to establish whether the growth is adequate or not.

The whole idea behind the antenatal check-up is to make the pregnancy a safer and fun-filled experience.

Why do you need an antenatal check-up?

Antenatal check-up helps to avoid any complications in the pregnant mother and the child both. It helps in the timely management of any health issue before it gets too much delay.

How do you perform an antenatal check-up?

If you come and visit our clinic for the antenatal check-up, our doctor will call you regularly at each visit. Our specialist Dr. Smiti will check you for:

1. Blood pressure.
2. Weight gain
3. Baby’s position.
4. Womb measurement to check the baby’s growth.
5. Baby’s heartbeat.

What is the difference between prenatal care and antenatal healthcare?

Prenatal care relates to the 3-6 weeks time when a female is planning to conceive the child. The advice given by our doctor is different from the antenatal. In the latter, the mother and the child are taken care during pregnancy to achieve a safe delivery & healthy baby.

What time is good as per you to take-up the antenatal check-up?

Our specialist Dr. Smiti will suggest for the antenatal check-up as soon as you discover you arepregnant and she will then call the pregnant mother monthly till 28 weeks, fortnightly till 36 weeks and weekly afterwards.

The first time the test is taken as early as the pregnancy is confirmed.

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