Postpartum care services in greater noida

Are you due to deliver a baby? Are you going to be a mother for the first time? If the answer to both the questions is yes, then you must know about postpartum. The duration the body of a mother takes to heal and repair after delivery is the postpartum period. After delivery, a female’s body undergoes a lot of emotional as well as physical changes.

Post Partum Services

To new mothers, the postpartum period may seem difficult. Apart from healing, the mother bonds with her child struggling a bit with the recovery. Keeping the mother’s health in mind, our clinic has designed a special program for postpartum services. You must visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic to find out more about our services. Our specialist Dr. Smiti calls every mother who has delivered a child is called to visit us in the 1st week and then not later than the 6th week of postpartum.

After years of experience, Dr. Smiti has helped mothers in faster comprehensive recovery.

What do you mean by Comprehensive Postpartum Recovery?

Comprehensive Postpartum Recovery refers to the evaluation and assessment of the physical, psychological, social emotional and well being. The total care referred to study infant care and feeding, contraception, mood, and emotional status, sexuality, sleep, fatigue, and physical recovery from birth.

Is it normal to suffer from postpartum blues?

Yes, it is very normal for females to suffer from postpartum blues. About 70% to 85% of women suffer from anxiety sleeplessness, mood swings and negative feelings after giving birth. The major reason is sudden change in environment, new responsibilities and to some extent hormonal changes.

What are the common symptoms to know that a female is suffering from postpartum depression?

Our expert Dr. Smiti can give you more insights on the symptoms. The common symptoms, she mentions, will include:

1. Abrupt Mood Changes
2. Restlessness
3. Irritation
4. Unexplained crying

Are baby blues different from postpartum depression?

Baby blues begins within 2-3 days & usually last upto 2 weeks after birth. Baby blues are frequent mood changes, crying, sleeplessness, and restlessness anxiety.

Do you help mothers to learn how to feed the baby as a part of postpartum services?

Yes, we do that. Our Clinic, the staff, and Dr. Smiti are working day and night to relieve mothers from stress. The delivery of the child can take the mother through plenty of changes. One of these could be breast engorgement. If you see an unusual swelling other than a fuller breast with milk, you should immediately visit our clinic.

The mother can visit us after which we will recommend applying a cold or warm compress to the breasts. It gives some ease to the mothers. Our doctors also suggest using nipple creams.

How do you help females in postpartum period?

Postpartum phase is even more challengingThe first thing a female should do is visit our clinic and seek an appointment with Dr. Smiti. You need a lot of love, care & emotional support.

1. Dietary advices to keep you healthy & fit
2. Postpartum exercises including Kegel’s Exercise: Our expert will suggest Kegel exercises along with other fitness activities. Kegel exercises will strengthen the pelvic floor area.
3. Supplements
4. Counseling: The patient will be counseled to change the thought procedures. It is the best kind of care we offer.

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