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Are you leaking urine or feel something coming out? If yes, then you must not ignore the issue. With age or after pregnancy, some females suffer from the urinary leakage. At times women may feel that their pelvic organs have dropped causing a bulge or pressure. For conditions like these, you must see a urogynecologist. The specialist will dedicatedly look into your state of health-related to pelvic floor disorders, urinary incontinence, and prolapse.


You must be thinking who is a urogynecologist? A physician who is specially trained in pelvic floor related problems in the females is called urogynecologist. Our specialist Dr. Smiti is an expert who understands the issues related to the pelvic organs and their supporting muscles and tissues.

Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic is one of the leading healthcare service providers. Our clinic is furnished with up-to-date equipment. Each of the staff is well trained and knows their duty well.

What is the difference between a gynecologist and the urogynecologist?

A gynecologist is a doctor who treats the women’s health issues like period related problem, fertility problems, menopause and other related health issues. On the other hand, urogynecologist checks and treats for symptoms related to fullness of bladder or urinary incontinence, pelvic floor disorders, and prolapse.

In what age can females suffer from pelvic floor disorders?

Women can suffer from pelvic floor disorders at any age. Sometimes, it may occur when females are in menopause.

What causes pelvic floor disorders in females? Which is the best clinic to seek treatment?

Some of the factors that can cause pelvic floor disorders in females are:

• Vaginal birth
• C-section.
• Chronic constipation and coughing
• Heavy weight lifting
• Radiation treatment
• Aging
• Genetics
• Prior pelvic surgery
• Obesity
• Smoking

Our clinic can offer the best urogynecology services to treat pelvic floor disorders.

My pee leaks when I cough, laugh aloud or exercise. Is this a serious issue and to whom should I consult?

Leaking of pee is a common problem with many females. Yes, it is a serious issue. You can consult our specialist Dr. Smiti who is an expert. She will recommend the best treatment.

What are the symptoms of pelvic floor disorders?

Some of the common symptoms that indicate the pelvic floor disorders include:

1. Heaviness, fullness, pulling or pain in the vagina. It gets worse at the end of the day.
2. Having a hard time emptying the bladder.
3. A bulge in the vagina.
4. Leaking pee while laughing, coughing or exercising.
5. Feeling an urgent need to pee.
6. Frequent or recurring urinary tract infection.

Does urogynecologist always treat with the surgical procedures?

No, not necessarily. A urogynecologist will consider your symptoms before proceeding for the treatment. The types of treatment include both non-surgical and surgical.

What does the urogynecologist suggest for the non-surgical treatment?

The non-surgical treatment that our expert urogynecologist will recommend may include:

• Bladder Training
• Keigel exercises also called pelvic floor muscle training exercises.
• Bladder Botox (injections for bladder control problems) injection.
• Medications
• Vaginal Pessary.

What are the types of surgical treatments offered at your clinic?

Our specialists will recommend surgical treatments only if your conditions demand. Here are some of the recommended surgery procedures offered at our clinic:

• Repair of any prolapsed organ.
• Hysterectomy, removal of the uterus.
• Mesh mid-urethral sling for urinary leakage.
• Repair of anal or sphincter muscles.

What are urethral slings? Why are they needed?

Women suffer from the problem of urinary incontinence. To treat the health issue, our doctors implant urethral sling which is a device to stabilize the pelvic tissues and organs of women.

Our doctors will suggest for the implant of the urethral slings to control the urine leakage while laughing, coughing or exercising.

Are there any side-effects of urethral sling surgery?

Not always but some woman who undertakes the urethral sling surgery may:

• Bleeding / Infection.
• Have a urinary tract infection.
• Have a hard time pee.
• Pee too often.
• Painful sex.

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