Treatment for Contraception in Greater Noida

Planning life is art. Marriage, children, and work is not just one man’s play. Both human beings are bound in a marriage plan about the baby from the very beginning. So till the time, the couple plans to prevent pregnancy, they can use contraceptive pills. Though, there are other methods also to avoid pregnancy but making use of pills is the easiest and safest way.

Contraceptive Pills

If you look forward to postponing having a baby, then you must consult the matter with a gynecologist. Meet Dr. Smiti at our clinic who can suggest you the best pills that are safe to prevent pregnancy. She has years of experience to treat the patients and can satisfy them with the best propositions.

Doctor, I am Shalini. Can you please guide me and tell me how the contraceptive pills work?

Sure, a contraceptive pill stops the male sperm from joining the egg. The pills contain hormones that will inhibit the process of ovulation in you. When you will not ovulate, it indicates that there are no eggs that will be fertilized. Hence, you will not be able to conceive.

After consuming the contraceptive pills, the consistency of the cervical mucus changes which stops the sperms to reach the eggs in the uterus.

How accurate or sure are you that the contraceptive pills can prevent pregnancy?

According to the practice and research, it is proved that contraceptive pills help nearly 99% to prevent pregnancy.

How should we take the contraceptive pills? Please explain.

The first rule to consume contraceptive pills is that you do not forget to take it. Here are some general rules, you must follow to avoid conception:

1. Take the medicine daily until 21 days and then usually give a break for 7 days
2. Take it the same time daily.

Are there any side-effects of consuming contraceptive pills?

The side effects are not common amongst all the females who consume a contraceptive pill. But some of the side-effects of consuming contraceptive pills are:

1. Nausea.
2. Breast Tenderness.
3. Weight Gain.
4. Mood Swings.
5. Missed Periods.
6. Vaginal Discharge.
7. Headaches.
8. Spotting between the expected periods.

I have been on contraceptive pills for the last 1 year? Doctor, can you please tell why my weight has altered.

You may have put on weight because the contraceptive pills can affect your appetite and then hormones.

I have observed a relief in my menstrual cramps and flow after consuming contraceptive pills for six months now. Is there a connection?

Yes, the hormonal contraceptive pills are attributed to relief in menstrual cramps and flow.

The doctor I have used vaginal rings to prevent pregnancy. Is it better than contraceptive pills?

Contraceptive pills are better and safe. Similar to vaginal rings, consuming pills can cause some irritation. The use of vaginal rings can increase vaginal discharge.

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