Dysmenorrhea Treatment by best Gynecologist in Greater Noida West

Menstruation cycles in females can be painful. It can cause severe pain in the pelvic area and lower abdomen. The situation is referred to as dysmenorrhea which can occur for three days. If you have excessive blood loss accompanied by severe pain you must see a gynecologist. Avoiding the situation can lead to anemia and weakness.


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When does a female suffer from dysmenorrhea?

A female can suffer from dysmenorrhea around her perioids.

Who is at a lower risk of suffering from dysmenorrhea?

Females who exercise regularly or have babies at an early age are at a lower risk of suffering from dysmenorrhea.

What are the causes of dysmenorrhea?

The reasons for dysmenorrhea can be an underlying condition that includes:

1. Endometriosis.
2. Ovarian Cysts.
3. Pelvic Congestion.
4. Fibroids

How do you diagnose the presence of dysmenorrhea?

At our clinic, we would confirm a female for dysmenorrhea through:

1. Physical Examination and medical history.
2. Gynecological Ultrasound.
3. Laparoscopy

What are how I can prevent severe pain or dysmenorrhea?

I would suggest that during your menstruation cycle or as soon as the pain onsets, you must:

1. Massage lightly on your lower back and abdomen.
2. Avoid alcohol and tobacco.
3. Avoid food with high salt.
4. Avoid caffeine.
5. Rest.
6. Pain killer medication can also be used.

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