Painless Labour Services In Greater Noida

The labor pain is feared too much in females. With the increase in awareness about the procedures females keep themselves prepared for the delivery procedure. Are you pregnant and learning about labor and delivery? If yes, then you must visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic. The staff and the popular gynecologist, Dr. Smiti will help the pregnant female relax. She is a talented professional who has years of experience in obstetrics & Gynecology..

Painless Labour Services

Dr. Smiti can give the best advice on painless labor services. To ensure painless labor services, these days anesthesia is used. It is not mandatory but can be used considering the stamina of the patient. If your condition is critical and you think that you will not be able to bear the labor pains, you should find more about painless labor. Visit our clinic and meet Dr. Smiti for the same.

What is a painless labor service?

For the painless labor, we use epidural. This epidural is a fine tube and is inserted in the lower back to infuse anesthesia. Using painless labor service, the delivery gets easier.

The patient can participate in the birthing process. The child is also relieved from the discomfort through extreme pressure on muscles. But again who should be given an epidural will come from our specialist.

Is Painless labor good?

Yes, there is no harm in choosing painless labor. After all, the doctor will recommend the step only after complete analysis. Though the pain has decreased considerably still the labor continues. It is about the decrease in the intensity of the pain.

The painless labor services are not always mandatory in normal delivery. But it can be deployed in the cesarean delivery to help the patient revive from the pain of the surgery. Overall, we can say that painless labor is good, giving the mother some breather from pain.

Are there any side-effects of using Epidural for the painless labor service?

No, not always. But the use of an epidural for the painless delivery may lead to some of these side-effects:

1. Headaches
2. Slow progress of labor
3. Fever
4. Breathing difficulty
5. Low Blood Pressure
6. Increased chances of instrumental delivery

What are other methods than using an epidural for painless labor?

Other methods used are:

1. A warm bath in the hot water tub.
2. Use of hot pack
3. Breathing Techniques.
4. Quick changes in the position to compensate for changes in the pelvis.
5. Massage and Acupressure.

I had lower back surgery 2 years back. Now I am pregnant but fear the normal delivery because of the pain. Do you suggest that I should take an epidural or not?

You should meet our doctor Smiti in person. She will analyze your case carefully and then only make suggestions for use of Epidural. In normal cases, we do not recommend using epidural in these situations:

1. If a patient had lower back surgery.
2. If any female suffers from a neurological disorder.
3. If there are bleeding disorder.
4. If the pregnant female uses blood-thinning medicines like heparin and warfarin.

Are there any other forms of procedure than using an epidural for painless labor?

Yes, other forms of procedures just using an epidural for the painless labor are:

1. Entonox: It is a combination of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide. When the combination is breathed in, the patient gets relief in early labor.
2. Opioid Injections: These are morphine derivatives used as strong pain killers. But it can cause drowsiness in the mother. If the effect of the drug is not eliminated before birth then the child may have difficulty breathing.

For any of the services, we suggest that you must consult our specialist. She will be the best person to advise.

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