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When due to a disorder, the uterus drops down into the vagina, it is called uterine prolapse. Generally, when the muscles and the tissues in the pelvic region weaken, they no longer support the uterus. It causes the organs to drop. If you feel a bulge in the vagina, heaviness, pain and a continuous discomfort you must visit a doctor.

Uterine Prolapse

You can visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic to get the best advice from our specialist. She is an experienced gynecologist who has treated many patients over the years. To support her, we have a team of dedicated surgeons and nurses. It enables us to carry all the procedures from tests to surgeries at our clinic only. Book an appointment now to know more about uterine prolapse and how you can get rid of it.

Doctor, what proposes the high risk of suffering from uterine prolapse?

You must know that these females are at high risk to suffer from uterine prolapse:

1. Obese or overweight.
2. Attained Menopause.
3. Pregnancy and vaginal childbirth.
4. Heavy Weight lifting.
5. Age
6. Pressing during bowel movements/ Chronic Cough & Constipation

What are the symptoms of uterine prolapse to know that we need immediate attention?

You must note that if you feel these symptoms, you must visit our clinic to meet Dr. Smiti:

1. Leakage of urine.
2. Discomfort in the pelvic area.
3. Lower back pain.
4. Vaginal Bleeding.
5. Difficulty in physical intercourse.
6. Constipation.
7. Uterine protrusion.
8. Weak Vaginal Tissues.
9. Feeling like you are sitting on a ball.

How do you test the patient who suffers from uterine prolapse?

At our clinic, we will conduct a physical examination of the female. If need be, then we suggest an ultrasound.

Other than the surgery, what are the treatment options suggested for uterine prolapse?

Other than the surgery, we would recommend these for the treatment of the uterine prolapse:

1. Perform Kegel exercises.
2. Avoid lifting heavyweight.
3. Prevent constipation.
4. Stay fit and healthy.
5. Maintain weight.
6. Pessary treatment may also be advised, Vagina Pessary in which a device is inserted to provide support to the uterus. It helps to keep it in place.

What are the surgical options to treat uterine prolapse?

At our clinic, we do recommend surgical options like:

1. Hysterectomy enables the uterus to stay at a position.
2. Sling surgeries (Strengthening the tissues to support if uterus is to be preserved)

Is uterine prolapse life-threatening?

No, uterine prolapse is not life-threatening but it may give you discomfort and pain.

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