Vaginal Apical Prolapse Treatment - vaginal Repair Surgery in Greater Noida West

Cervix or Vagina Repair (Vaginal Apical Prolapse)

What are the types of vaginal apical prolapse?

Generally, we have three kinds of vaginal apical prolapse. The first one deals with the dropping of the small intestine and that bulges into the upper part of the vagina. In the second one, the uterus drops in the vagina. But this happens when you get old.

In the third one, the back wall of the vagina drops down to the opening of the vagina and can bulge in between your legs.

What is the treatment for Vaginal apical prolapse?

At our clinic, we suggest the repair of the vagina. In which our surgeons would conduct suspension surgery. During this surgery, the vaginal vault/uterus is atatched, using the mesh, to the longitudinal ligament of the sacrum. It is supported by the mesh and hence it gets better stability.


What are the symptoms of vaginal apical prolapse?

These are the symptoms of the vaginal apical prolapse:

1. Pelvic organs slipping from the vagina.
2. The problem in inserting tampons.
3. Urinary incontinence.
4. Lower back pain.
5. Heaviness or pain in the pelvic area.
6. Difficulty in passing stools.
7. Difficulty in intercourse

How do you diagnose the vaginal apical prolapse deciding that the patient needs vaginal repair?

We would always ask the patient to visit us at our clinic. We conduct a physical examination and ask for history before suggesting vaginal repair surgery.

What considerations do you make before conducting the treatment on a patient who suffers from vaginal apical prolapse?

Before conducting the treatment, whether surgical or non-surgical, we would consider these things:

1. The severity of the prolapse.
2. Age
3. General health.
4. The tendency to have kids in the future.
5. The tendency to have physical intercourse in the future.

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