Injection/Implant pregnancy prevention treatment in greater noida

Planning a family may be quite easy if you aware of available methods their effects& side effects. There can be multiple ways in which you can prevent pregnancy. These may include pills, intrauterine devices, and implants or injections. For any of the options you choose, you would need an expert gynecologist.


Come and meet Dr. Smiti who is an experienced gynecologist who can suggest the best option. But she would do that only after examining you thoroughly at our clinic. We have the latest equipment and well-trained nursing staff. It makes the job easy for us and convenient and fast for you. You must consult a doctor before starting the family planning. There are many facts to it like the gap of years you must wait after marriage and between the two kids. Whatever may be your reason, our gynecologist Dr. Smiti is ready to help you only if it comforts you. Book your appointment fast to prevent pregnancy till the time you want.

What is an implant and how does it prevent pregnancy?

Implants are a small, matchstick-sized, rod that is placed inside your body. This implant will release hormones that will prevent you from getting pregnant.

Doctor, please tell me what is the possibility that I get pregnant despite getting the implant to prevent pregnancy?

Using implants to prevent pregnancy is the most successful method to prevent pregnancy. Though it has been observed that 5 out of 10,000 women got pregnant despite the implant. But that is a rare chance so don’t worry.

Doctor in what cases can an implant become ineffective?

There are very rare chances of an implant getting ineffective. It may happen in the following cases:


1. If you happen to take some antibiotics.
2. If you take medicines for HIV.
3. If you are under medications for tuberculosis or epilepsy.

Is implant the same as an injection that can help in preventing pregnancy?

Yes, both of them are hormonal agents but have different safety, side effects and failure rates.

Do the injections to prevent pregnancy have any side-effects?

Yes, they can cause these side-effects in some females:


1. Headaches.
2. Dizziness.
3. Acne.
4. Changes in Appetite.
5. Depressions.
6. Irregular periods.
7. Weight Gain.

Does using implants pose any side-effects in females?

No, implants do not pose any big risks. But sometimes an implant can cause:


1. Swelling.
2. Bruising.
3. Breast Pain.
4. Abdominal Pain.
5. Vaginitis.
6. Acne.
7. Mood Swings.
8. Irregular bleeding in menstruation.

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