Irregular Periods treatment in greater noida

Every month a female suffers from menstruation. The normal length of the monthly cycle for a female is 28-30 days. But when menstruation does not happen until 35 days or more, it is considered an irregular condition. The next time you have periods, it may again start after a random gap. Though the cause of irregular periods could be any, the idea is to get it treated as early as possible.

Irregular Periods

If you happen to suffer from the problem of irregularity in periods, you must visit Dr. Smiti Women�s Clinic. Our healthcare establishment has the best facilities that allow you to get rid of the illness as early as possible. The team of doctors as well as the nursing staff is trained to help patients revive fast. We work on the latest technology to offer ease to our patients.

Doctor, please confirm what are the causes of the irregular period?

According to our gynecologist, Dr. Smiti if you happen to use more than 16 sanitary napkins in one monthly cycle, you have abnormal bleeding. This can be considered heavy menstrual bleeding. We call it heavy bleeding if you bleed more than 80 ml per period.

What are other possible causes for heavy bleeding during menstruation cycle?

First of all, you should understand that every female is different from another. The cause of irregular periods is different. While some of the reasons could be :

1. Change of the level of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in the body.
2. Hard exercising..
3. Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome.
4. Stress.
5. Birth Control Pills.
6. Uterine Fibroids.
7. Overactive or underactive thyroid.

Is there a treatment for irregular periods? If yes, then what do you suggest?

You do not need treatment as such if irregular periods do not bother you. But otherwise, if there is a problem then we give medicines or birth control pills to balance hormones. We also recommend a change in lifestyle.

I am going through menopause. Do you suggest some treatment during this time to ease the symptoms?

Irregular Periods during menopause do not need medication or treatment. At best, we would suggest that you may change your lifestyle.

Does an irregular period indicate that I will have problems conceiving a child?

Not always. Even when your menstruation is not regular, there are chances of you to conceive. It may happen as you might be ovulating. If you are planning a child, all you have to take care of is about ( Although it is difficult in patients in irregular cycles.)

1. Record your ovulation patterns.
2. If your body temperature spikes, then it will indicate that you are ovulating.
3. Also, note for the change in the cervical mucus. When ovulating, the mucus will be slippery and clear.

Are there any noted side effects of irregular periods?

You can consult Dr.Smiti at our clinic to know any side effects. If you suffer from irregular periods, chances are that you may have these side effects:

1. Weight Gain or Loss
2. Mood Changes.
3. Irregular Bleeding. 4. Bloating. 5. Breast Tenderness.

I am a working woman and suffer from irregular periods. What is the basic thing that I can do to improve my periods?

If you are a working woman, chances are that you might undergo a lot of stress. Too much pressure and stress induce hormonal changes in the body. Stress hormone cortisol can affect estrogen and progesterone that in turn are related to menstruation cycle. Regular exercise, yoga and meditation might help.

Does a normal shift of 4 days or 5 days up from the last menstrual cycle indicate irregular periods?

No, shifts of 4 to 5 days up from the last menstrual cycle is not considered as irregularity in the period.

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