Cystoceles Anterior Vaginal Prolapse Repair in greater Noida West

Do you feel heavy in your vagina? Does it feel like the vagina will drop down? If yes, then it may be because the bladder must have dropped down. The supporting muscles to the bladder and vagina get weakened, then it leads to dropping. These tissues and muscles hold the pelvic organs like the vagina, uterus, cervix, and small intestine, bladder

Cystoceles (Anterior Vaginal Prolapse Repair)

Wondering what causes cystoceles? It may occur after the vaginal childbirth that causes increased pressure in the pelvic area. If you are suffering from cystoceles, you must visit Dr. Smiti Women’s Clinic. Our specialists and gynecologist Dr. Smiti has years of experience in treating females that had cystoceles. She can suggest the best treatment. Dr. Smiti is supported by a team of dedicated doctors, surgeons, and nurses, all well trained. Our clinic has the best equipment that allows us to fasten the processing of treatment bringing relief to our patients. Do not hesitate much and book your appointment with us to get the proper solution.

Doctor, other than the vaginal childbirth what are the possible reasons that can cause repeated strain in the pelvic area?

You must note that other than the vaginal childbirth, these can be the possible reasons for excessive strain in the pelvic area:

1. Constipation./ Strained bowel movement
2. Chronic cough.
3. Menopause
4. Overweight.

How would I know that it is cystoceles that are giving discomfort in my body?

If you suffer from these symptoms, the probability is that you are suffering from cystoceles:

1. Pelvic heaviness.
2. Vaginal Bulge.
3. Pain or discomfort while trying to urinate.
4. Incomplete urination.
5. Frequent urination.
6. Leakage of urination when there is pressure in the pelvic area.

Doctor please tell me does the bladder drop suddenly in the vagina in cystoceles or it happens over time?

In Cystoceles, the vagina may drop gradually and not suddenly. It happens over a period categorized in stages. Like in stage 1the bladder just drops slightly in the vagina. In the second stage, it drops down till the end of the vagina and in the last stage, the bladder will bulge out of the vagina.

Doctor, how do you treat cystoceles?

It depends on the stage of cystoceles you are in. For stage 1, when the bladder drops slightly into the vagina, we would recommend Kegel Exercises or Pelvic Floor exercises that strengthen the pelvic region.

How do you treat cystoceles when it is stage 3?

For stage 3 cystoceles when the bladder drops out of the vagina, we conduct surgery. In this the woman’s vagina wall support is corrected. It repositions the bladder to a normal position. The surgery is called Anterior Vaginal Repair in which a small incision is made in the wall of the vagina. The tissues between the vagina and the bladder are sewed together. It then supports the bladder.

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