Fact Myth: You eat for 2 in Pregnancy

You eat for 2 in Pregnancy

Fact Myth: You eat for 2 in Pregnancy

Myth: You are pregnant, and you can eat for two!

Fact: Pregnancy is a stage when you carry another life in you. Women who believe in the myth often gain excessive weight, which further causes trouble in their delivery. Excessive eating or consuming food with the thought of eating for two can cause these:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Backache due to increased weight
  • Pushing you to have a caesarean instead of normal delivery.

How to eat food when pregnant?

In reality, what a pregnant woman actually should be doing is that she must increase the consumption of nutrients. It is required to grow the baby’s body, saving you from feeling weak. But make sure you are not eating too many calories in the name of the additional food.

Doctors prescribe that during Pregnancy, a woman must eat extra 340 calories approximately during the second trimester. And this calorie consumption can go up further to 450 during the third trimester of Pregnancy.

The additional calorie intake can be discussed with the doctor, who will further look into your profiles and give you food tips. In addition, your gynaecologist will evaluate your BMI and pre-pregnancy weight to make suggestions.

Eating for Two is a blunder.

Eating for two is a common blunder that most new moms make. But the fact is that they should consult their gynaecologist before experimenting with their diets. So, this is the table for your reference informing how much weight you can put on during pregnancy:

 BMIOne baby
UnderweightBelow 18.512-18 Kg
Normal Weight18.5-24.911-15 Kg
Overweight25-29.9 6-11 Kg

The rule for eating food during Pregnancy is -3 meals a day and 3 snacks in between!

Remember, when you follow it diligently, you will have:

  • A better-monitored blood sugar level and all the vital nutrients.
  • A balance of sugar and calories in the body.
  • Maintained level of water in the body.

Eating healthy is more important during Pregnancy than eating junk or high-calorie food. This is because nutrition contributes to the development of the baby’s body, which should be the prime concern during Pregnancy. It also prevents any disabilities in you after giving birth to the child.

Final Words

Still thinking of what the elderly ladies of the family say and the fact.

You must consult your doctor if your mind is occupied with too many thoughts about how much to eat. You can also connect with Dr Smiti, an experienced gynaecologist who has treated hundreds of females. Her care and directions are enough that motivates a female for a healthy delivery. You can connect with her at https://drsmitiwomensclinic.in.