Is it safe to take Allergy Medicine while pregnant?

Is it safe to take Allergy Medicine while pregnant?

The best answer to this question can be given by a gynecologist.

For good well-being and health, we sometimes require the help of medicines. It may be allopathic or homeopathy, but one must be very cautious while using any of these, especially during pregnancy. Some of these can be dangerous for the growth of the baby and can cause birth defects.

Allergies are some of the body’s reactions to a substance, for example, dust, insect stings, or food. The treatment depends on what you are allergic to. For a pregnant woman, it becomes essential to take care of this thing as, during this phase, she often faces nasal blockage because of increased blood circulation. There are some allergy medicines which are safe to take during pregnancy. Consult your doctor about the safety of medicine you are taking.

Be extra mindful during pregnancy while taking any medicine. They say, ‘Precaution is always better than cure. So, it is wise to take the following precautions.

  •  Try to avoid the things you are allergic to.
  •  Don’t ignore any symptoms, even at the initial stage, as they can be problematic or incurable later.
  •  Take medicine as per the prescription.
  • Don’t experiment if you are not sure about the usage of the treatment.
  • An open discussion with your health carer always brings peace of mind.

Generally, we are not so concerned about allergies and take them casually. Moreover, we start treating them independently, which can worsen the situation. Taking such a significant risk makes no sense, especially during pregnancy. “A stitch in time saves nine”, so if the symptoms are making it hard for you to control, consult the doctor without any ado. Our doctors examine your condition accurately by discussing it in detail and some allergy tests to cure it properly. For more information, visit our clinic and contact Dr Smiti at