Baby Development Tips – How to Go from Baby Talk to A Baby who Talks!


Baby Development Tips – How to Go from Baby Talk to A Baby who Talks!

The googoo-gaga stages of baby development can definitely give you a case of cuteness overload! Eventually, every newbie parent starts to wonder when all that googoo-gaga is going to turn into real words. Even when you’re planning for the best time to get pregnant, one of the things most parents-to-be look forward to is little precious’ first words! Each child will learn to talk at their own pace, but there are a few things you can do to help the process along according to a leading gynecologist.

1. Is your tiny tyke baby talking at you? Baby talk right back! Initiate a back and forth so they can get a feel for the rhythm of conversation. The leading clinics offering gynecologist treatment in Noida Extension believe this is a crucial step in the child growth and development process.

2. Give everything a name. At story time, pick up the book and say ‘book’ so that your little angel can start matching objects with words.

3. Sing! Kids love singing and it’s also a great way to help them practice vocalizing different words and sounds avers the top obstetrics in Noida Extension. A lot of children’s songs incorporate actions like clapping, which can make things even more fun!

4. Start reading together early on advises one premier gynecologist in Noida Extension. Your bundle of joy won’t understand much when she’s very young but just listening to the sounds of the words is important for baby development and speech. When she gets older, get her involved in the reading process by pointing to pictures and asking her questions, like ‘what sound does a cow make?’ Once she’s started on her first words, you can encourage her to make small sentences by asking her what’s going on in the pictures.

5. Once your bambino is about two years old and making short sentences on his own, encourage him to tell you about things, like trips to the zoo or their visit to grandma’s house. Says a top lady doctor in Noida Extension –‘If he stalls in mid-sentence, be patient and give him time to finish- don’t rush in and finish his sentences for him.’ If he flubs up his words a bit, correct him by repeating the sentence the right way. He’ll pick things up pretty fast and correct himself according to doctor Jain in Noida Extension.

Don’t get too anxious if your bundle of joy isn’t chattering away at the same rate as his playmates. When it comes to baby development, some tots are late bloomers and will only start talking when they’re about two years old. If your child still seems to have trouble talking by the time they’re two and a half, consider taking them to a speech therapist.