This is how pregnancy related Depression & Anxiety can be dealed?


This is how pregnancy related Depression & Anxiety can be dealed?

Depression and anxiety are often inseparable from pregnancy. They have nothing to do with your way of handling pregnancy. These are medical conditions that can be treated if you seek professional medical assistance.

Anxiety and depression are difficult to define. These are feelings that make you nervous and worried for no reason. Most pregnant women suffer these emotions during and after pregnancy. It is believed that the constant change in the levels and composition of hormones could be a key reason for this condition.

A Condition That Most Women Undergo

Pregnancy related depression and anxiety are not akin to what you might experience on a bad day. They go way beyond that and can seriously obstruct your critical daily activities such as taking care of yourself and the little one growing inside you. The good news is that the condition can be treated and controlled by an experienced OBGYN in GNW.

Postpartum depression happens after the baby is born. Some women suffer this condition immediately after childbirth but it is not uncommon to find women exhibiting anxiety pangs a few months after the delivery.

Recent research indicates that some women start feeling depressed at the very onset of pregnancy. The medical term used tom describe this condition is perinatal depression.

Anxiety during and after pregnancy is a common occurrence now.  It affects almost all women undergoing pregnancy. It affects them during various stages of the pregnancy process and in varying levels of intensity.

The Common Signs Of Anxiety And Depression Are:

  • They become extremely sad or angry all of a sudden and for no reason.
  • They have trouble completing basic chores.
  • They are seen going through the motions in a purposeless manner.
  • At times, they are overly protective about the baby and even other children.
  • They show little interest in things they were passionate about earlier.

Anyone can experience depression and anxiety during pregnancy or after the birth. However, doctors and experts from this field are of the opinion that there are a few factors that make some women more susceptible to the condition than others.

These are:

  • Past history of depression or anxiety in the family
  • A pregnancy involving some major challenges
  • Birth of twins
  • Emotional distress in relationship with a partner or other close family members
  • Facing financial problems
  • Unplanned pregnancy

A common query that runs through the mind of most parents is whether depression and anxiety during pregnancy will affect the baby in any way. The answer according to the leading obstet gynecol in Noida Extension is yes but not directly. If the mother and the baby get into a deep bonding early, the chances of the baby getting affected are less. However, mothers suffering from depression or anxiety during pregnancy or after birth may find it difficult to care for or connect with the baby and respond to their needs.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment Is Vital for Faster Recovery

According to medical professionals, early treatment is critical in such conditions. Faster handing of the condition can result in the patient feeling better quickly. It will also prevent the condition from worsening progressively.

The good news is that there are treatments available for dealing with anxiety and depression during and post pregnancy. Medication, counseling, and other forms of treatments are known to provide good results. Talk therapy or counseling is one of the best ways of treating the condition. A nearby gynecologist in Noida Extension will be able to guide you in managing your feelings positively. Medications can treat depression and anxiety effectively. They can be used for treating pregnant women and for breastfeeding mothers without causing the risk of any side-effects.

It is important to understand that depression and anxiety occurring during pregnancy or after birth are not because of any wrongdoing on your part. These are purely medical conditions and can be effectively treated by providing the right medical care. Seek gynecologist appointment in Noida Extension to gather more information on the subject.