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Irregular menstruation cycle: Side Effects of Irregular Periods. Why is it important to consider?


Irregular menstruation cycle: Side Effects of Irregular Periods. Why is it important to consider?

Does your monthly menstruation cycle make you panic? Do you suffer from irregular periods or the ones that last more than 7 days sometimes? If yes, then you must immediately consult your gynecologist. Your medical practitioner would give you the best piece of advice for quick relief. But that can be done only after proper diagnosis of the cause of the irregular periods.

How to know that you have abnormal periods?

If you have a menstrual cycle with the following symptoms, then you are said to have abnormal periods:

  1. Missed three periods in a row/Period length of >45 Days
  2. Heavy menstrual flow.
  3. Periods that last for more than 7 days.
  4. Pain, cramping or vomits during periods.
  5. Bleeding while having sex between the two periods.

Why is the diagnosis of the cause of the irregular menstrual cycle important?

Irregular menstrual cycles in women can directly cast some short term or long term effects on their health. It can increase the level of stress in females because their hormones get disturbed. The irregularity can also lead to deteriorating your heart health and this can become a major point of dispute for your cardiovascular health.

In some females, the irregular monthly cycles can also cause poor metabolism, reduced sleep rate, and decreased fertility. All of these issues can aggravate the weakness and degrade the health status.

Some tests that the doctor can do to diagnose the problem of irregular menstruation.

If you suffer from a disturbed menstrual cycle, then your doctor will suggest these tests:

  1. Vaginal cultures for infections.
  2. Blood tests.
  3. Pelvic ultrasound examination to diagnose for ovarian cyst.
  4. An endometrial biopsy is done by checking after removing the lining of the uterus.

If your gynecologist has recommended these tests to you, you must not avoid it.