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7 tips really helpful for planning a pregnancy


7 tips really helpful for planning a pregnancy

Bringing a life into the world is solely a couple’s choice or rather a mother’s choice because she will majorly be bearing the child in her womb. It is a big responsibility but undoubtedly a pleasant one which you will thoroughly enjoy throughout life. Well, if you are planning a pregnancy soon make sure that you are physically as well as mentally prepared for it. Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage in the life of a couple which transforms the meaning completely. Here are 7 tips to prepare yourself before you even plan for a pregnancy:

  1. Note the time of your menstrual cycle: Your menstrual cycles must be regular when you are planning a pregnancy. This can directly affect your ovulation cycle and hence the chances of conceiving.
  2. Know when you ovulate: Another important factor to get pregnant is knowing when you ovulate. Generally, a female ovulates 12-16 days before the start of the period. The chances of conception are higher because you have maximum fertility during this time.
  3. Plan to have physical intercourse: Make sure you have physical intercourse during the fertility period that is when you are ovulating.
  4. Keep up your diet: Keep in mind that your body needs to get ready for a new life. Eat a balanced and healthy diet that includes proteins, Omega fatty acids, and vitamins.
  5. Balanced body weight: Maintain a balanced body weight because both being overweight and thin reduces the chance of getting pregnant.
  6. Don’t stress much: You should immediately cut down on stressing too much. If you exercise or do strenuous workout, stop it immediately especially when you ovulate.
  7. Quit smoking and alcohol: If you are into smoking and also consume alcohol regularly, you should stop that immediately. Smoking contributes to the aging of women’s ovaries and deteriorates the quality of eggs.

Keep these things in mind whenever you are ready to welcome a baby in your life.