What Are the Latest Developments in Infertility Treatment Happening Across the Globe?


What Are the Latest Developments in Infertility Treatment Happening Across the Globe?

The existing approach to infertility treatment has helped many couples realize their objective of starting a family. However, this is a dynamic field of science where research is always happening across the globe. Newer types of infertility treatments are being tested successfully and recommended to patients across the globe. These methods are proving to be a great success as is evident from the increase in fertility rates in India and across the world.

If you are facing fertility problems and looking for a solution that can help you begin a family, consult the best infertility specialist in Ace City. The gynecologist here will not only do a detailed diagnosis and analysis of your condition but also provide you information about the latest fertility treatments available to help you overcome the condition.

Advanced Hormone Test

For younger women especially, there are fertility tests that can help them get tested conveniently at any stage of their cycle. Ovarian reserve can be checked via the AHM test which is a hormone test that checks the number of fertile and healthy eggs present. Early fertility tests provide a huge relief as women do not have to wait until they detect a problem.

Fertility Preservation

New trends in infertility treatment include fertility preservation. This technology is not exactly new but is quite successful. It involves egg freezing. The update to this technology is elective egg freezing which is now becoming popular. More and more women are choosing to freeze their eggs at an early age so that they can get pregnant when they are ready.

Newer Fertility Technology

Your infertility specialist will also apprise you of the INVOCELL fertility treatment which is a fairly recent development. This technology allows the embryos created using the IVF method to be incubated in a specially designed device. They are then placed in the vagina and transferred to the uterus.

Next Level of Embryo Screening

Patients undergoing IVF can be recommended sophisticated embryo screening to detect disorders well in advance so that pregnancy issues can be avoided. New genetic tests are designed using advanced technology to identify some potential traits in the embryo that might provide a hint that all is not well.

This is an important development and can be used as a powerful screening tool that can test the embryos and even perform some corrective repairs on them if needed. Your infertility specialist can fill up on the details of this sophisticated screening process.

Boosting Uterus Receptivity

Another breakthrough treatment, details of which were published as recently as 2018 is the fertility hormone DHEA. This treatment improves the receptivity of uteruses, especially those of older women. This can significantly boost the chances of implantation. Recurrent implantation failures are a common problem. The creation of a receptive hormone boosts the chances of implantation. This treatment can be highly beneficial for women over the age of 40.

With major advancements taking place in the field of infertility, experts are of the opinion that new trends in infertility treatment will happen at a much faster pace in the years to come.