Is the Double- Marker test really important during Pregnancy ?


Is the Double- Marker test really important during Pregnancy ?

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life. To ensure that everything goes correctly and that the fetus is stable, a pregnant woman is encouraged to perform multiple checks and tests. Many of these checks are not only committed to guaranteeing that the mother’s health is fine, but they are also done for the baby’s health. One such test is the Double Marker test, which tells us about risk of  certain commonly found genetic abnormalities in the fetus.

What is the Double Marker Test?

Double marker examination is a blood test conducted during first trimester. It is required to spot abnormalities present in the genetic makeup. Typically, these abnormalities are caused by a defect in chromosome growth. Chromosomal defects can result in severe health problems and diseases that can affect the baby’s development in the womb and adversely affect the baby’s life after birth.

Importance of Double Marker test:

  • Double marker testing can predict the risk of chromosomal disorders such as Down’s Syndrome and Edward’s Syndrome.
  • Double marker is a necessary test that must be done if the doctor finds  any defects or complications with the family history OR previous pregnancies.
  • Double marker monitoring is typically done from 9 and 13 weeks of pregnancy, as early identification of chromosome anomalies in the fetus is necessary to assess the further course of pregnancy.