10 tips for dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy


10 tips for dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women can feel nauseated and sick or ill-feeling times. Experts say that this is normal and there is nothing much to be worried about. Also, there are some basic homely remedies that you can make use of to avoid morning sickness during pregnancy. The following few points might just help-

1. Try taking more rest

Taking more rest is important during pregnancy. But ensure that you don’t take a nap right after having meals. At the same time while sleeping try and get full comfort and a night of peaceful sleep. 

2. Eating smaller and frequent meals will help

Try taking in smaller meals every few hours. Remember that staying on an empty stomach is going to make your nausea worse. 

3. Keep a small amount of ginger in your mouth

Experts say that ginger can help you to curb nausea to a certain extent. You can also try having some ginger tea. 

4. Avoid certain food items

Certain food items containing high fats can worsen nausea or even induce vomiting tendency. 

5. Avoid strong smell of food items and other fuming substances

Avoid any strong smell that you are allergic to. Avoid cigarette smoke, smoke during cooking, and other strong perfumes or natural odor substances.

6. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins on time

Taking your prenatal vitamins on time, especially, containing pyridoxine is known to reduce nausea.  

7.Use aromatherapy to get rid of morning sickness

Some odors will naturally help to reduce the vomiting or nauseating tendency. Try smelling mint, orange, and lemon to alleviate nausea. 

8.Try out acupressure techniques

 Acupuncture treatment can also be highly beneficial for some curbing nausea prone.

9. Take more water

There is nothing better than staying hydrated at all times. One can easily feel nauseated if they stay dehydrated.

10. Don’t remain on an empty stomach for too long in the morning

 It is well known that staying on an empty stomach will induce vomiting    tendency, nausea, and dizziness. Take meals within sometime after waking up.