I-Pill: Use, Effects on Pregnancy, Periods, Price and FAQs.


I-Pill: Use, Effects on Pregnancy, Periods, Price and FAQs.

I-Pill: Use, Effects on Pregnancy, Periods, Price, and FAQs.

Emergency contraceptive pills are for emergency purposes. These should not be consumed regularly. Well, commonly taking pills like Unwanted 72 is considered the convenient option. But why does your doctor recommend you to take a conceptive pill instead of I-Pill

The idea behind recommending or using a contraceptive pill is to prevent ovulation in females when they are in their reproductive age. Ovulation is the time when ovaries-organs that are responsible for reproduction, releases eggs. This is the time of month when the possibility of getting pregnant is maximum.

Taking Unwanted 72 supports only till you have not conceived the child. It stops the fertilization of eggs released by the female. This is why it is mandatory to take the i-pill within 72 hours after having physical intercourse.

I Pill or Unwanted 72 is available over the counter medicines that can be taken without a doctor’s advice also. The main ingredient of the medicine is 1.5mg Levonorgestrel which is 10 times higher than that in other anti-conception pills. Hence, one single pill is sufficient.

When to take the medicine?

There is a time duration when you should take the medicine. Here is when you should take the medicine:

  1. After unprotected intercourse you have been into, you must consume the medicine within 72 hours. The success rate of the medicine is up to 95% only if you consume the tablet right after the intercourse (as early as possible).

If you happen to puke within 2 hrs of taking medicine, you will have to repeat the medicine.

  1. If the condom your partner uses slips or tears apart, then you must take an i-pill or unwanted 72.
  2. If you have missed your contraceptive pills.
  3. If the copper-T or any other uterine device slips, then it is better to take the emergency contraceptive pill.

You must note that in no other case, you should take this medicine because you will face some side-effects.

Common side effects of using I-Pill or Unwanted 72:

  • Irregular periods.
  • Spotting before periods.
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Headache.
  • Fatigue
  • Cramps and Stomach ache.

Frequently Asked Questions for I-Pill or Unwanted 72:

Questions: Can it be used regularly?

Answers: No, a pill like Unwanted 72 should not be taken regularly. You can take the medicine only if you have had unprotected physical intercourse. Taking the medicine regularly can leave you with some side effects. The dose of the medicines is high and hence this should not be taken regularly.

Question: Will this affect my next or future pregnancy?

Answer: No there is no side effect of Unwanted 72 on your next pregnancy. This is because the medicine will wash out from your body within 7 days. But if you take it regularly, then you might face issues like irregular periods and hence it will get difficult for you to conceive.

Question: Can breastfeeding mothers take Unwanted 72?

Answer: Yes, the medicine is completely safe for breastfeeding mothers. It does not tamper with milk production.

Question: Can overweight or obese people take the medicine?

Answer: The dose of Unwanted 72 that contains 1.5mg Levonorgestrel is not sufficient for obese females. Hence, they should not take the medicine without consulting with the doctor.

Question: Will Unwanted 72 affect my monthly cycles?

Answer: Yes, it may affect your present cycle but usually there are no long term effects on your cycles unless you use it once. Repeated use can cause hormonal imbalance.